Monday, December 5, 2011

But before you come to any conclusions

If you look down and on your feet you see either of these, 
Please remove them, go put them in the garbage and never choose your own shoes again!
Shape-ups are not an alternative to exercising, nor is your velour sweat suit while shopping.  Sorry People!
I enjoy mocking things like this but what I do not enjoy is shopping in stores like these (Ross, TJ Maxx)
I'm not sure what is wrong w/me but these stores make me feel irritated, always have!  I don't like having to search through things to find something to spend my money on.  I feel like they should pay me for suffering through the mess.  I think these stores are messy and I don't like that either.  I know you can get good things because I have seen them on people but it's just not my cup of tea.

So I took the beast out today and went to Toys-r-us to buy an umbrella stroller (she's in that stage where she suddenly thinks she needs me to carry her) because I don't own one.  I own big fancy ones but I wanted to go to the mall and jogging strollers are not cut out of that.   She was actually surprisingly good on that shopping trip, must've been the new stroller.  Or, maybe my Coke she was drinking!  You do what you have to in order to get by and I'm on my last leg here.
(He returns tomorrow and then maybe I will go)
So this funny little comparison, you will laugh as soon as you read it.
Valley Fair Mall vs. Fashion Place Mall
I went to the VF last week and took a gander inside......complete and total crap........still!
Went to the FP today and you'd be surprised to know that the experience was somewhat different.  ha ha
I prefer the FP by a landslide for the mall itself and the stores inside but there are a lot of snobbish people wandering about, I secretly want to trip them when they walk by but if they were to fall on me I'd surely be crushed by their enormous egos.
So two things came to my attention while shopping (two that I am recalling anyway, I hope more came to my attention or I've been hanging out w/Angi too much)
Mrs. Fields cookies are highly overrated (but their Coke was good)  No joke the Sugar ones kind of have a fishy taste and I don't know about you but I do not like fish cookies & for that price.  I also should have been paid to eat that cookie.  I kept eating it though of course in hopes that the next bite wouldn't be so weird.  It never got better right down to the last crumb
Okay lets be serious, I left the crumbs in the bag to be disposed of properly
I am completely and utterly insane
I went into Hot Topic and looked  around and I could smell a smell that I didn't care for (nor would anyone else) and I looked up and saw that the worker had huge gauges in his ears.  I was sure that was the culprit of the smell so I immediately left the store.   I'm still convinced I'm right.
Those suckers stink!
So I let my kids decorate the tree and to be honest you cannot really tell a difference whether it was them or me which is not good but its true.  See how that cute little christmas clock is tucked way back behind the tree.  It was my Grandmas and it plays a very loud christmas tune every hour on the hour.  Dave hates it so so much therefore I put it where he cannot easily turn it off.  He has been so lucky this last week and a half.  Pretty much every time he has been Skype-ing the kids the clock goes off just for him.  It makes me laugh!
 She has an addiction to anything on TV or Netflix and she tells me if its on Demand or not.
Guess I'll just toss a universal remote into her stocking!
Neve started her first chocolate Advent Calendar and polished it off on day 2


Natalie said...

When I saw those shoes, I was afraid you were taking a poll as to which ones you should buy Dave. Shudder.

I am like my mom. I exclusively shop @ tj, ross, rack or costco. It's impossible for me to buy things that aren't on clearance. I don't mind the mess. I'd go shopping in hell if it meant paying less for something.

Lisa said...

I cant shop at cross dress for less or ross or what ever the it is called. I hate shopping so aimlessly walking around trying to find something is not pleasant. I am the opposite and will most likely spend more to avoid said stores. Walmart is on that list by the way. A clock that plays songs....well that is something. I don't have me one of those. Maybe I can find one that plays LO on the hour every hour. My tree is a kid tree too. I even let Brin put the lights up. Thats the kinda nice mom I am....That and it wouldn't look much better if I did it. Glad Dave comes home soon. Do your kids have a certain paper? They look like they are wrapped in sections? Could be a good idea.

Angie said...

We were just in Fashion Place mall last Friday. I wanted cheese cake and figured we should shop there. I hated it! Like some of the new stores but I really felt like I was in Mexico. I had people yelling at us to try their amazing product and they were so very annoying. It was a Friday night and the mall was saturated with stinky dirty teenagers....I think I am just getting old.

Glad you have a Dave coming home soon. :)

I have an umbrella stroller sitting in the garage. Too bad you live far away!

Natalie said...

You're dumb! Why would you buy an umberella stroller on your fourth kid and she's 3?? I have two, I would have just given you one! Next time just post about it on facebook and I'll reply! Happy shopping!

Chad said...

I went to VF just yesterday for the first time sin at least 7 years. Ghetto indeed. It took me back though. Back to a day I don't want to go back to.

Kristin said...

Ha ha! Your mall descriptions are spot on. Hilarious!

Chad said...

I forgot to ask... are leisure suits still okay?

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