Sunday, November 27, 2011

How 'bout unabashedly bawling your eyes out

I am thankful that Thanksgiving is over!
Hows that for enjoying a Holiday!
I know people feel like this holiday is just skated right over because of Christmas but honestly I can see why.  A whole lot of work and for what?   I am so sick of rolls by the the time I get to dinner that I don't even want to eat anything, especially the rolls I slaved over.   I didn't even eat a single noodle this year.  That is one of my family's weird foods (as Dave claims).
I only like a few things about Thanksgiving and they are my moms stuffing that has sausage in it, that I put up my Christmas stuff and that Black Friday is moments behind dinner.   So I suppose I am saying that I like one thing about it really.  So maybe I don't care for the Turkey holiday much at all.   Underrated?    Nah!  Is this somehow blasphemous?   Sorry Pilgrims and Indians, I think your holiday got lost more on the food than the actual message behind your feast.

I am worn out and Dave has only been gone a few days.  I had to cut my black friday shopping short a little in the ante meridiem because I had to run him to the airport.   Betcha can't guess where he went?

Today I had my own thanksgiving when I realized how Thankful I am for Dave.  Not that I don't normally realize this but it was especially apparent today how much I rely on him & how good he is w/the kids. I had a meeting this morning that went until about 15 minutes before sacrament started.  So I rushed home knowing full well we would be late.  I pull into the garage and my kids opened the door.   A little tear came to my eye as I saw them all decked out in their church duds ready to go.  Blessed, blessed Ella!   What an amazing girl she is!   She is responsible well beyond her years.  Neve is lucky to have such a great big sister.

Logan surprised me this week too but I think he is a butt at the same time.  He tended Neve for me and took care of her so well.  Fed her breakfast (the chick wont even eat breakfast for me or Dave) and had her dressed (in matching clothes) when I got home.   I think he has been pretending to not really know how to tend her so that Ella gets stuck doing it.  Smart boy I guess but the secret is out now!  Neve told me that she was going to turn into a boy next week after spending the day playing w/the boys!  I kind of don't blame her.

I had a crazy good time shopping w/Angi and Keri staring at 6 pm Thursday.  Angi and I love it but it was Keris first time.  I think it might still be growing on her!  We were glad she came.
Angi is moving soon & it is becoming a reality to me & I don't like it at all.  Some tears are sure to be shed!  Crap I started crying right now just typing that out.   I really need to go to bed early tonight I'm thinking.

I ended out my weekend at a Fry Fest w/some good friends and had a great time clogging my arteries w/oil and filling muh belly w/crap that tasted oh so good.  We missed Dave but we get along okay when he is gone as long as its not for too long.   We do like him to come back!

 I kind of taught Ella to make cookies but she actually did it all herself all while letting Sam and Neve help.   Kids helping is such a pain!

This week I get to do all the sports including coaching some Basketball.  I think I will pawn that off on Logan.  I feel bad I have to miss the RS dinner but its the price you pay I suppose for having more than one child.


Natalie said...

Oh, I feel for you with the meetings and rushing home. I'm fresh off a circis sunday, so I feel it keenly. Wow, what a great helper you have. I would cry if my kids did that. They would probably still be in their jammies because I SWEAR, they can't tell time.

You can enjoy black friday for me. I hate to shop, so why do something I hate when I could be home in bed, eating turkey and rolls? I do 99% of my shopping the week before Christmas. Scandalous, I know.

Aimee said...

I'm emotional and stressed for you. And to think I added to that load of yours (10 lbs.) today. At least I gave you 2 weeks notice on the potatoes, right?

Ella is such an awesome little mom. I think its pretty amazing that you are able to run to all your meetings and such and leave them home. They are good kids.

Lemme know what I can do to lighten your load. And wt pho??? Angie is moving???

Lisa said...

You forgot your glorious run on Thanksgiving. That was the highlight of my day. And justifies fry fest too. Too bad you don't have friends to help you out!!! I'd say let me help you, but I think we both know you wont let me. So with that said good luck to you.

Angie said...

How will Dave survive? I don't think they have ever been apart!
I will swap you some potatoes for some rolls!

dusty kay said...

I love that you admit kids helping is a pain... people look at me like im the meanest mom out there when i say i've never shown my 13 yr old how to bake cookies. No thanks.

So, I really hate to just sort of invite myself, so i won't... but I will say to you AND Lisa... I'm in a major running slump and could use some friendly neighbor help getting back on track.. preferably before I die during the Spartan race in June.. :)hint hint...

Chad said...

I am curious about the stuffing with sausage...sounds good. Not so much the noodles, but you guys do what you want.

Canadians do one thing right.... they celebrate Thanksgiving before Halloween in mid October. That way it doesn't get quickly passed over for the macing of Black Friday.

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