Friday, November 18, 2011

Why am I covered in feathers?

Went to see the latest Twilight Movie last night so I thought I might review it:

Holy CRap!!!!   Worst MOVIE EVER!!!!   but hilarious just the same, once you got through the awkward hour of love making.   UUUUncomfortable!       I don't get people who let their girls watch this or read this, sorry if this is me judging here but I am no prude and this was really awkward to watch.  Breaking beds?  What the?   Waaaaaay to sensual for teens and really anyone!
I howled a lot through the movie anytime the wolves were and I am pretty sure the lady next to me who was totally into it hated my guts.   At one point we were all laughing so hard I'm surprised one of my sisters didn't pee their pants.  My sandwich from Paradise Bakery Cafe was really good though.
Really I went w/fun people so that was the only way this movie is doable.
Sorry if your a lover of this flick..........ahhhhh, no I'm not, still thought it was terrible!

We are driving in the car and Sam says "mom do you think they will make a toy story 4 and buster will die?"  I say "probably not, why?".  "Well he just hasn't died yet so I think they should have him die in #4".  I say "well that would be sad, dont you think?"  He says in a tone like I am ridiculous "uh mom, haven't you heard of resurrection?"

In the bathroom at the story Neve is peeking through the cracks at Sam going to the bathroom so he says in his sweetest parenting voice "Nevey we don't do that cause its not nice" so she lays on the floor and looks from underneath.  He says in his losing his patience sweetest parenting voice "Nevey we dont look under the door while people are going, its not good manners."   I say "Neve get off the floor that is disgusting" and she jumps up.   Sam says from in the bathroom "Mom, I can teach her cause I pretty much know everything there is to know about bathrooms!"


Angi said...

Those are some of the best pictures I've ever seen! They are almost as scary as the werewolves fighting vampires. I'm still having nightmares...
On another note, not really, I am shocked and appalled at the amount of people on Facebook who are raving about this freakin movie. A lot of people have dared to say that it is the best one yet. Makes me super glad that I've slept through/not bothered with the others.
But at the same time, I wouldn't have missed that night for anything. That was some serious entertainment!!

Aimee said...

AMEN! Unfortunately I read the book and saw the movie. That's a lot of time spent on DUMB. And I'm pretty sure I offended some people at Ashley's last night when I laughed for twenty minutes about how bad the movie is. ... then Kristin admitted she's seen it 3x. WHAT THE??? But I am with Angie.. I wouldn't have missed that night for anything. And I'm sad we have to wait so long for the next one.

Lisa said...

Umm breaking beds? That isn't normal?? Thought the movie was awkward too. Its weird I am not in the pictures with ya'll.

Hendricksonblog said...

ahh doesnt take long for the old clique to reassemble huh? and the rest of the ward is cliquey? LOL

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