Sunday, October 30, 2011

Space walk, it's like a space walk with the corresponding weight loss

 Neve Turned 3
and got a car and a trailer w/Calico Critters (which are the cutest toys on the planet)
She also got to move into a booster seat.....Yipee!   Weird, I have never had a kid move into a booster w/out a baby in a car seat to still buckle up.
 I found this note taped to my door the other day when I came up from doing the elliptical
Funny Boy!
 Dave got to carve pumpkins w/the kids today and not a moment too soon since tomorrow is the day!
Sam w/a very natural smile
Logan w/monster looking long legs! (I hope its the angle)
Go Cougs
 We finally got around to doing Neve's Birthday cake today.  It feels like her real birthday was so long ago even though it wasn't.  Busy week I suppose.   I got her an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins and I may or may not have had a kids mint chocolate chip cone when I ordered the cake and then when I picked it up. 
Sometimes it is nice to be alone!  I also had a killer deep tissue massage that was wonderfully painful.  Man I was spoiled this week.  Actually the massage was a gift from Angi from Christmas that we barely got around to using.  I also got my first facial.  Has anyone ever had one of these?  I thought I might freak out!  All that hot steam blowing in my face and then wrapping my whole face in a hot towel except my nose.  Have they seen the size of these nostrils?  There is a reason I am a mouth breather.  It was good once I talked myself out of a freak out attack.  Dave was jealous of the massage.  He needs one on his jacked up leg.
My mom got Neve the matching nightgown to Ellas and Neve wanted her picture taken in it w/Ella.
Neve had a great party and we love her even when she's not too lovable.

Dave turns on the car and the radio is on.  Neve says"Dad, what band is this?"


Angie said...

Ahhh, a facial. I will go for you next time and trade you for any massages. I prefer my face being steamen than my skin being touched by some stranger!

I love seeing dad's carve pumpkins and then watching the kids take all the credit. Good memories!

You may or may not have eaten two ice cream cones I may or may not have a new addiction to the mint brownies from Kneaders....oh my gosh so good!

Natalie said...

I lost my dang comment.

My hips are glad that there is no Kneaders or anything like-unto-it in the Salem-Keizer area. Just Starbucks, Burger Kings, and Adult Shops.

I've never had a facial. And I had my first massage in China. That was an experience. . .

Lisa said...

You are good at exercising. I want to be as good as you. I had no idea that they could get a new seat already. I need to know what kind. I have two I could move up and then bam! Getting closer to everyone getting in and out of the car themselves. What a day that will be.

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