Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep

My crazy month and a half is about to come to a close.   I'm sure some busy work will find its way to me!
I'm still deciding if this will be the longest post or if I will break them up a bit.
Just decided....Long post wins!  I'll just get er dun!!!
I went to a girls weekend w/my sisters and some friends and we had a good time.  A few of us went on a run in Midway for a little pre Ragnar change of  scenery training.   In hind sight, I'm not sure it helped that much.  


Axel, Keenan, Logan
Adam in Moms veil

The next weekend was my Mom and Dads big event and it went over great.  I didn't see many of the people and spent most of my time doing food stuff but it wasn't my party so that is were I belonged.  I was grateful for Angi staying and manning the kitchen though so we didn't have so much cleanup.  She didn't realize when she came to see the decor that she would get stuck there.  Sign of a true friend I suppose.  Speaking of Decor, they did such a great job and it was so cute but I don't have many pics.  I have to get those from Susie Q.
My Mom and Dad are better than YOURS!
I hate those kind of bumper stickers, we all know the ones about the grand kids being cuter than your, I want to punch those people "in tha face"!
Next Day : We took the kids to Black Island Farms.   Finally we got Logan to his pick of place for his B-day almost a month later.   It was fun but not like the 2 years past.  I needed my Boos (ha ha parks and Rec) and Dave wanted to boo hoo that he was forced through the torture of it all.   He is a champ though and a very patient man.   Unfortunately the kids we took with us had not been fed lunch (tattle tattle) so we had some hungry little hippos on our hands.  We finally got them food on our way home and it was a hard fought battle of whether their little bods would eat or sleep on the way home.  Mostly the eat won.
Las Vegas Ragnar 2011
Matt P, Dave, Marcia, Mike, Tyler, Matt, Ron, Brent, Angi, Keri, Lisa, April
Next week:  We left for the Las Vegas Ragnar at 10 a.m. Thursday morning.  5 runners and our much appreciated driver.  Me, Dave, Keri, Angi, Lisa, and Brian the Chauffeur.   Matt was flying in from work in Idaho.  Lisa may as well have flew in too since she was on the phone the whole time.
Our "Van"  Art provided by Brian
This was the most awesome and awful experience that I have had in a long long time and it is so sick and wrong but I want to go again.  Of course, first I want a relaxing vacation.   I cannot even write all the things that went on.  Okay I don't want to write some but really the other literally I cannot write here.  The team knows what I mean.  I just hope that the videos of no sleep for 2 days April stay under wraps.  I would love the one of Dave dancing posted though, just because I love it!   It was so great!  Did I say that yet.  I think we learned too much about each other to not just totally love each other like family now.  We got to experience the awful smells of each other too, which was the worst when the windows were down and you were stuck in the back.  All BO wafting right back to you.   Makes me hungry just thinking about it.
Lisa keeping our runners from getting hit w/all this traffic in the middle of no where
Dave/Lisa Handoff
I had the mother of a 3rd leg in the dark on a very rocky terrain.  I had no choice but to just keep running.  I had my very first 5 trip out of a trip trip but I didn't fall nor sprain an ankle.  Someone kindly reminded me that I only sprain my ankles on flat ground, which I did just about do on Leg one.
Dave being the nurse to Matt.  I was his emotional support
The girls: Lisa, Angi, April, Keri, Marcia
Us at the end w/our typical BYU fan.  Wish I had that Utah fan pic of the cross dresser
Our van 2 got screwed over in the vehicle department and ended up w/no AC and no windows that rolled down and an alternator that just kept eating their batteries.  I still feel bad about that!  They really may have suffered more riding w/our rowdy crew though.  Its Sixes I suppose.
We got medals at the end which I find very non useful.  I wondered if i could melt mine down and make something useful like a spoon from it.   I threw away my last medal I got from some sort of race.  Guess I could at least recycle this one.   Sam took it to show and tell today at school which i thought was cute.

I don't even have time to have an adult Halloween party this year, which I am sad about.  I have had 3 youth halloweenish things and then a school one, a family one this weekend along w/the ward one which includes a trunk or treat.  I hate trunk or treats, I think they are for the fat and lazy but if I am fat and lazy I still hate them so I change my mind and say they are for the lame!
I guess I have to do Neves pty on Sunday since I am out of other days and then its Halloween and this year I am saying GOOD RIDDANCE to you OCTOBER!!!  First I need to go get some halloween candy and get my kids some costumes.  Details, details.

Post Script-My little Nevey turns 3 tomorrow.  Where does time go?  September and October gobble it up, that's where!!!!
Post Script Surplus- I added some excerpts from the book but mostly on us psychotic racers will find them entertaining or even understandable.

Lisa:  Just gotta keep moving cause if the tiredness hits you, thats when you get tired.

April:  Seriously if I get hit, I'm gonna die

Brent to Keri:  I don't think you need anymore wine - you are already kinda whooooo

Brian to Keri:  I feel like I've known you pretty well since day 1

Dave:  Next time Brian is bringing the fryer!
Ron to Keri:  Externally I'm fine, but internally that hurt.

Keri:  I'm just gonna strip down right here.
April:  I can't do that - the rolls make me hungry

Dave:  Whats the ending coordinates of her run
Angi:  I think it ends right in hell

Lisa:  look at that girl she is doing so good

April:  tell her she sucks though, just to break her spirit

Matt:  I tried some Brooks on but they were too provocative for me

Matt:  If I am standing there stopped, I want you to swerve over and hit me!


Angi said...

Way to get er done. You're actually ahead of me for once in blogging. Go figure! I'll get my Ragnar pictures burned to a disc for you & Keri and we all need to swap. Especially since I'm the one who took the awesome picture of the "UTE" cross-dresser.
Tell Neve to stop getting older. I'm not emotionally stable enough to handle that right now.

Angie said...

I am tired just reading this!

Lisa said...

I've got all the pic's for you from all the camera's. I'll bring them by tomorrow for you and Angi. Peace

dusty kay said...

Ahhh! I'm so jealous you guys did Vegas!! We wanted to but lack of team and lack of training on my part stopped us from finding a team!! Way to go you guys!! I think Vegas was much harder than wasatch, if you guys put a team together for wasatch think of Jared and I just down the way... We like to have fun. :)

Hendricksonblog said...

We thought about calling you to take Daves place since he has IT band sydrome and only made it through the race w/pain killers.
We are thinking SoCal Ragnar in April

Keri said...

I keep reading this post and then realized I hadn't left a comment!! I love my Ragnar team (which I knew before the race even started) but we really are 100% bonded for life now BABY! So this was me before "will you guys run with me so I can complete one?" this is me now "can we really do California so I can do better?"
I REALLY LOVE YOU ALL - and thats right we're a different kind of crazy!!

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