Saturday, October 1, 2011

Only here for the ride

Me and my sisters and Harold spent some time w/Erasure and all the gay men in Utah Wednesday night. 
It was a blast and unlike Iggy Pop, Andy Bell still has a good enough physique to remove his shirt.
They gay men went CARAZAY!   I wish I would have brought my regular camera so I could have taken better sneaky shots of all the ridiculous outfits worn there and the killer hairdos which I call hair-don'ts. 
It was lots of fun & a few of my family learned just how high pitched I can scream.  
I love blowing out eardrums!

 I had a little babysitting party yesterday and these were just the girls.  
They boys were lounging about somewhere
 Every time I cannot seem to find Neve in the house, this is where she is and what she is doing 
and yes, she is usually just in her panties.  At this age it is cute.  If I did it that would not be good.
Logans Birthday was last Saturday (the 24th)
He turned 11 and I have been married for 12 years (just reminding myself)
 Logan got a fish from Nellie and the crew for his B-day.  I think it's his best present ever!
He named it Bronco
It's a Beta
Once I bought Betas for all my nieces and nephews for christmas (thats allotta betas)
We were going out of town for a few days so I turned off the heat
Not one of my best ideas (like boiling a corndog)
We returned to a lot of frozen  dead betas
Surprisingly after the house warmed up all but two of them came back to life
 Logan wanted FIFA 12 so he got and IOU for his day since it didn't come out until Tuesday
You know your kid is old when they are okay w/that
The kids gave him some guns I found that shoot those little water beads you put in vases 
and a BYU pillow pet.  He is pretty easy to please w/gifts.
He also got the Costco cake but I paired it w/the Costco Tiramisu (yum)
 I made him Ribs for dinner on Sunday and Sam decided to try one after much coaxing by us.
He proclaimed it is now his first favorite food.  2nd favorite being spaghetti.  
Anyway he was thrilled w/a Birthday full of food and BYU stuff.  He wants to take his friends to the Haunted maze at Black Island Farms.  Now I just need to find a day where it works for everyone.

Logan had a soccer game in Brigham City on his actual Birthday so he chose a restaurant on our way home since we always let the kids choose a place to eat.  This might be more a gift for me since it gets me out of thinking up dinner.  He wanted Olive Garden which he changed to the OG for coolness sakes but then we saw a Brick Oven.  He was sold on that.
He got the kids buffet and luckily for Daves wallet Logan still is of age for the kids buffet price.  Logan said "I'm gettin my moneys worth tonight"!
While we were there Sam had an emergency bathroom need, and I'm not talking #1.  He didn't quite make it.  I loved that I had sent Logan w/him so he was in the boys room during the events, therefore Dave had to be on clean up duty.  Needless to say Dave didn't get his moneys worth on the buffet after getting his appetite suppressed.  I don't do buffets generally so it really would have been and ideal time for him to have had the accident in the womens room.  Oh well!!!  It's great for Dads to be able to play Mom sometimes in their nasty jobs.   Anyway Dave threw away the undies (which I would have also done---good call there) and Sam said "well I had 10 undies and now I have nine but there's only 7 days in a week"!   Who says you don't use math in your everyday life.  Counting undies comes in handy sometimes.

Neve is watching the Backyardigans in the background and they are singing "we're diggin for gold" and I keep laughing.  I find that humorous!


Natalie said...

Boiling a corndog? Were you impaired in some way?

I can't wait to have a boy that Neal gets to take to public restrooms. Poor Dave, but yes, it's great experience for the dads.

Chad said...

You seriously boiled a corn dog? Thats like baking ramen noodles! Was that you too? Or was it jamie?

Lisa said...

Should have read this post before Luke almost killed Bronco. Would have helped me a lot! Sams story makes me laugh. Maybe his system is not used to food yet at age 5!!

Hendricksonblog said...

I never baked ramen but the corndog incident was just one of those pregnant moments I think. Although I was in college and not yet married or pregnant when I did it.
Was I Impaired in some way? I freaking couldn't stop laughing when I read that!
Bronco is still alive and well despite Lukes attempt.

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