Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Resentments are the rocket fuel that lives in the tip of my saber."

This is sure to be a WINNER!  or to cause a major case of Heartburn.
How can one go wrong w/Coca Cola?

Either way it will be worth the effort.
My kitchen is a freaking disaster but hey what are kitchens for?  I started out the festivities by adding four cups of coke and enchilada sauce to my food processor to then realize as it came pouring out the sides that if the liquid surpasses the little neck in it you have filled it too full.  2 cups too full to be exact, all over the outside of the processor and the counter.  Boo!  I moved on to the trusty blender but forgot to put the lid on all the way.  We all know how that ends.  Poorly.   Then I dropped a large knife but luckily jumped right as the tip of the blade hit where my foot had been standing.
I did sneak a can or two of the coke just as a reward.   AHHHHH (that's for Susan)
My parents 50th wedding anniversary is coming up next week so we (their lovely children) are throwing them a reception, copying some stuff from their original one. 
Now I just need to get my butt going on that slideshow I promised and haven't completed yet.   We are doing a dinner before for their close friends and family which if you know anything about my family is going to be quite large.   Susan sent me an invite to the dinner which is lucky since there will be a lack of food w/out me!  (:   Pork Barbacoa Salads won out and I either volunteer to do food or decor.  We all know I take the food any day but I will enlist Nellie and Amy for help.  I am not creative enough for decor.  Sarah is on Cake duty (glad that's not me).  Nellie got desserts along w/pedestals she made for them and Susan pretty much does everything else.  We will just boss Amy & Kerry (Margaret actually) and make them do the stuff we don't want to.  Ha ha, just kidding.

Wish us luck!!!  and this post is not a general invitation to all who read to attend the dinner unless you bring me a present.  ha ha

Logan told me this on the way to Basketball practice last night.
"Hey mom, me and my friends were being weird today and telling people our names were Raul and Chi Chi and we were telling other people that was their names too and we told this one kid he was chi chi and he said F-U to us but he used the real words."   I said "logan was he hispanic?"  He said "yes why?"   So I informed him what ChiChis means in slang spanish, he looked kind of embarrassed but had that funny look of cleverness and enlightenment on his face at the same time.    Sam starts yelling out the car to other cars "Hey Chi chi!"  I tell him to stop but that makes him do it more and more and giggle.  He yells out the car to a man "Hey you got big chi chi's?"  giggle giggle giggle.   I rolled up and locked the windows!    I decided it was too hard for me to parent in this situation when I was so busy laughing my head off so I took care of the problem the best way I knew how.


Angie said...

What the heck does "chi-chi" mean? I will have to ask the boy when he comes home, he knows the dirty spanish words.

Happy Anniversary to your parents!

Hernandez Family said...

In my family whenever Eva is hungry my other two say she wants chi chi!

Natalie said...

Remember the food place, chi-chi's? Angie, it means "boobies."

That is awesome what you're doing for your parent's 50th. You guys are good kids. It helps that most of you are girls. Girls like that kind of stuff.

I love those "yell out the window" moments.

Aimee said...

I love your kids. I can't wait for Sam to talk about his chi chi's in sacrament meeting.

Do you still want to use my iron chica to display your moms dress?

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