Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I ain't on stupid pills!

We finally opened the umbrella for the 2nd time this year but it only shaded the faraway garage door at this time of the day.  Oh well, I tried!   Yes, have a few balls!

I found something absolutely delicious so I had to share
for selfish reasons really
because if people don't buy a lot of it, the store I hate will stop carrying it
Its in the produce section of the store I hate
Maybe I will like them again just for this brand of dressing
we will see after I try the honey mustard
I will still hate it but it will have a redeeming quality
Neve keeps doing these sounds every time I ask her to do something as if she is totally put out.  Like a sassy "aaaahhh" w/a snotty rise in volume right around the middle and then a drawn out hhhh.   A sort of p-shaw will a rise in volume at the aw!   I told her this morning that she couldn't have another milk until she ate something and she said "fine!".  
She also says "mom, that is trouble" when she thinks something I say is not fair.
After I told her no milk she said "mom, I'm gonna call the cops and they will take you to jail".  I said "oh yeah then who will take care of you?"  she said "juuuuuus kiddinG!"     and the new study says spongebob makes kids dumb.  Ain't no dumb kids here and I love SpongeBob, he's hilarious (my 10 yr old boy humor, remember?).
Sam was complaining about dinner so Neve promptly stabbed him w/her fork.  He, of course, started to cry because there were four little holes in his arm.  She turns to me and says w/one eye winked and her sweetest tone of voice, "Mom should I give him a hug?"


Angie said...

Is it like the Cafe Rio dressing? and what store is it you hate? better not be Reams!

Hendricksonblog said...

starts w/Wal and ends in white trash

Natalie said...

I'm with you there. Every time I go to wal-mart, I have an unpleasant experience. And they're building a new one right by my house, which means I'll probably end up there more often. Why can't there be a Winco in every town?

Between Neve and Abby, I think we may have future criminals. And what is it with your family and fork stabs?

Holy crap. My word verification is "forksa."

Chad said...

I read the end of your first paragraph wrong... I thought it said "I have balls." I laughed and laughed, until I cried. Cried? I cried that day. Until I died. Then I laughed and laughed, until I cried....

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