Sunday, September 11, 2011

Whatever you do don't put the blame on you

I am a mean mom and I only let my kids have B-day parties on certain birthdays (1,5,8,12,16).  On the off years I let them pick 2 people and go do an activity instead.  They sometimes complain until they pick their activity and realize that is more fun anyway.  Ella chose Boondocks and took Faye and Chloe.
 I like that she always chooses cousins.  It is very fitting to her personality.

While we were at Boondocks it started raining like carazay!  Sam and Logan decided to continue miniature golfing in it and got totally soaked.  I knew Sam would be freezing after they were done and he was shivering when we got inside and had blue lips.  Dave said "Sam you are cold because you have no meat on your bones" and he said "no, because all my meat got wet"!
 You should have seen all the faces Ella was making on this mock roller coaster ride. 
It scared the crap out of her!

 Faye gave Ella a fairy dust necklace
 and Chloe gave her a watch
 today the torture will be over and she will get to open the other presents
It actually kinda tortured me too!  Not one of my best plans, like Neve's B-day present I opened and played w/that I cannot wait to give her.
This is just a cute picture I took of Axel and Neve 
even though it looks like she ate a pile of dirt (probably did)

Sams favorite thing to start sentences with these days "Do you realize?"


Natalie said...

I think your Ella and my Kate would be friends. You say you're mean birthday mom, well I'm a monster then. Kate's birthday is Friday, I don't know what I'm getting her, and yesterday I talked her out of wanting a birthday party. I told her she'd get more presents from us, which is true, but also, I wouldn't have to host a birthday party. My poor kids.

Angie said...

Birthday parties stress me out. How did that tradition ever come about? As a mother I appreciate that you don't do one every year. Why do some kids get them. My mom almost got annoyed that Mardee would have a party every year, even if she was mean to me during the year she would invite me. The drama!

Chad said...

I love Sam's retort. Classic.

Sarah Lee Cakes said...

Chad King with his arm around april bray.

Hendricksonblog said...

I only could have wished Sarah!

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