Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The proper order of things is often a mystery to me

Sam was taking photos this morning and this was the only appropriate for blog publish one I could use.  
He was chasing me around right out of the shower taking shots.  It was not pretty!
I hope this is not a preview of his choice of professions when he gets old ):

                                                          Sometimes I am just mean

Ella's Birthday is on Sunday and I decided to get her gifts wrapped today while she is at school and the others are here to help w/this task they like to help w/even though I hate them helping 
Logan is home w/his 3rd missed day of school in the first 3 weeks.  Great start!
She hates waiting so I naturally like to make it more of a challenge for her.
I gave her a sneak peek of Neves birthday presents which is a month and a half away. 
She keeps saying "Mom why did you show me those, it is all I can think about"? 
She may like playing w/it more than Neve.

I like Chicken Salad Sandwiches (sans grapes--who ever thought that was a good idea should be shot).
I was just eating one so I thought I would share that tidbit of important info

On Saturday my Mom and Sisters and some of our daughters went to Swiss Days in Midway
It was fun and crowded and we saw some of the Hansens again (no Natalie though ): )
We were trying to get a move on but some of us have a hard time ever saying goodbye to those girls
They have these new American Girl-like dolls w/real people hair.  I decided I was a little creeped out by them.  I just don't know what kind of dirties the hair came from.

On Sunday we had the first EVER non-eventful testimony meeting
I was so disappointed!!!
Kinda makes me feel like there's no point in going to church

Dave is in LA and sending me pics of Sunsets and beaches
I kind of missed him until I realized he was a jerk!


RRWhicker said...

Ron was VERY grateful for the uneventful testimony meeting on Sunday.

And I luv me some grapes in chicken salad. So to each his own I guess. :)

Natalie said...

I'm really bummed you got to see my sisters. You suck.

Ahhhh, the eventful testimony meeting. There is something magical about our current ward - we have yet to have a funky stream of testimonies. It's AWESOME!!! However, we were in a testimony meeting while on vacation last weekend, and we got our "fix" I think. I kept thinking to myself, "That poor bishop." Very entertaining.

The Royals said...

I thought that we were going to get "an event", but it was just a normal testimony meeting. I commented to Brent about the same thing.

And I told Alex that Chick-fil-a should start putting grapes in their chicken salad sandwich. So good!!!!

Hernandez Family said...

My husband has only been to church when it is a fast sunday. So, now he thinks this is what us mormons are like.

Sarah Lee Cakes said...

grapes in chicken salad and dolls with real hair: yes and yes. (well really no to the latter because I won't pay 100 bucks for a doll!)
Swiss days was fun, but more for the hanging out and eating. That's what we do at the condo, but with less walking and more vegging. Have you ever been there?

Sam looks like the cat on the itouch game where it repeats what you say in a high pitch voice....

Angie said...

YOu should send the non worthy of a blog pictures that Sam took to Dave. Two can play that game!

Julia said...

April...Please do a blog post on the eventful testimony meetings. I must hear about them! I miss the colorful ones from my San Fran days. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. In Lehi, if you've been to one testimony meeting, you have been to them all...

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