Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Today is tomorrow. It happened

Bear Lake 2011
Just when I was about to blog this I came down w/a weird headache/fever/body ache/need to lay down in the middle of the grocery store ache. I also was getting mad at Logan during Sacrament meeting for laying on the bench but mostly because it seemed unfair. Then I just went home. Longest Sacrament meeting of my LIFE!!!
It be pneumonia
Do you catch this from boating because
I feel like this is a rerun of last summer after Pineview
Yep, I've seen this before
I hate old stories so this may never get blogged unless I get really tired and weird as I sometimes do.

Sam says: "I hate these juicy flip flops" Dave: "Juicy?" Sam:"yeah every time I wear them I get this juice all over my feet" Dave (laughing) "Sam that's called sweat" Sam: "Sweat" said in a way like Dave was ridiculous for saying that feet sweat.


Natalie said...

Stop breathing in all that water! That really sucks that you have pneumonia again. Are you 80 or something?

I love old stories. I tell the same stories over and over, because I love them so much.

Juicy feet sound so much more gross than sweaty feet.

Chad said...

Wait! You lay down in grocery stores. I am going to start looking more closely at the people of walmart photos in case I see you there....

Chad said...

Insert a question mark after 'stores' above please.

Hendricksonblog said...

well, I wanted to! I think the lady at the checkout thought I was totally drugged up!

Natalie said...

My Mom once fainted in the check-out line of the grocery store. When she came to, she was laying on a pallet of dog food.

She was pregnant.

I may or may not have mixed it up with her dry-heaving in the check-out line while pregnant because someone dropped and broke a bottle of ketchup. Either way, they're great stories.

I love old stories.

Aimee said...

I told Hillari RN that you are sick again with pneumonia. She says it's more common in the summer than winter. Crazy, huh?

Juicy feet? That's gross. Sam argued with me yesterday about whether the moon was the sun. It was 9 o'clock at night and it was on the east (I'm pretty sure I was right). He was not going to give in. It absolutely was the sun because it was orange. Duh. He is one smart cookie. Love that boy.

Lisa said...

Old stories just keep getting pushed back because there is always a new one to do. I still have the other half the near death boat drive, brian saving sam, all that still to blog. and that might not get done...start there and we will be covered.
wish you werent sick.

Angie said...

Tell Sam and Dave that my feet don't sweat, ever.

Sorry abuot you being sick but you need to blog while medicated, it's trippy!

Julia said...

I am going through my second treatment for pneumonia in four months. It's kicking my butt in a big way. Sorry you're going through it too. Everyone keeps telling me to get more rest. Try telling my three kids that mom needs to rest!

mamahen said...

Sorry you're sick. I think it's a reaction to too much post-vacation laundry, etc. Thanks for a great time.

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