Saturday, July 30, 2011

I was the only guy to ever take off his skate and try to stab somebody

Last Saturday we took the boys and Neve to the country club for dinner and a little golf
sounds so yuppie
Its always a little risky taking her to places that screaming isn't welcome!
She did really well and Logan didn't spill anything for the first time in his life
Dave thinks Sam is a more natural golfer than Logan but I know not
Neve feels it's time for her to learn
I know that she is entirely too impatient for such a sport
and too noisy
After that we went to the REAL game
Which was awesome. I like to pay to watch teams win.
Ella was off w/Sydney at their condo so that is why she is missing
Sam was diggin' my ladies visor
he was doing a lot of dancing during the music but I am still a retard and keep forgetting you cannot turn the camera sideways while videoing
Like father like Daughter ( I like the proud smirk on his face)
she would not have made it through w/out the phone
It ended w/awesome fireworks
Wish they would let me light a few of those suckers!
A few of my favorite things
Feet, flip flops, food, and green grass
oh yeah and the side of Sams bum
The dirt between Logans toes, not so much!
Sam says: Dave took the boys to dinner and a movie and after his first taste of Training Tables fry sauce he said "wow....that really is the ultimate dipping sauce"


Julia said...

Your kids are just beautiful! I always love your updates.

Chad said...

Spring for some closer seats at the advanced hacky sack game, geez. Nosebleeds!

Natalie said...

Going to the country club sounds so Karate Kid. And sounds so fun! Can't you do anything you want at the country club? So Neve can be noisy, but no big deal - you're members.

Angie said...

Yep, yuppies!

Neve looks so grown up. You know, because we hang out so much!

Aimee said...

From rodeo to country club. Love it.

Best Song lyrics ever