Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mawwage is what bwings us together today

So I am teaching the Mia Maids today and I am about to say a word and I hesitate. You see, there is a member of the bishopric in my class sitting in. I dread that since I am not a great teacher but I deal w/it. I know him fairly well so that makes it better and worse. Anyway, back to my point. I am about to say BUTTHEAD speaking of Alma and his little friends being uh uh lets say rebellious(not my kind of word) and then I think maybe that is not an okay word for lessons. I say it anyway since my vocabulary bank is empty besides that. So I get home and cannot help thinking that I may not be the best example as far as kind words are concerned(other ways too but I'm just addressing one at a time).
I have gotten laughs from my girls on several occasions so I just keep hoping my words are just weird and maybe old school and they aren't laughing because their leader uses inappropriate words in her lessons. The other ones I keep thinking are dirtbags, jerks, and psychopaths. I think of another db word that my adviser likes but the refrains from using it. I for some reason struggle in the refrain.
I also realized I called Neve a "beast from Hell" as I walked down the hall leaving church. In this particular scenario is Hell a place and therefore not a swear word or is it a swear word along w/a place? I'm unsure so I will keep it up until reprimanded I suppose.
So people often say those three words aren't really swear words (we all know the 3) but I disagree. I think the first one is a swear word and is okay to use after stubbing ones toe, or crashing into the car in front of you but the other two are not. I spell the one like the non swear word (in my head as I am saying it) and the other really is a place, right? I'm good at justification. One of my talents. I wonder if there will be a lesson on that? I will rock it!

I have had a week of frustrations this first week back at school
1. My kids always get some sort of stomach bug and I cannot blame it on school lunch since I packed their lunch this week
2. Kids are sooo mean to each other. Logan asked me if he should just punch a kid because the kid was telling him he couldn't play basketball unless he cut his hair. I told him that was a good idea but quickly retracted so he thought I was kidding (I was not) and told him just to tell the kid off instead, without swear words. Even though I was tempted to go the next day and give the kids some choice words and then punch his lights out. Stupid kid is just jealous that Logan is better at basketball. Dave reminded me that it is normal behavior from kids to do this but I was not a mean kid so I don't agree. He was!
3. How can I start my affair w/b.o.b. when my Kindergarten child has to wait a week to start?
4. Eating large quantities of Fiber Plus bars make your guts hurt. Why were they on sale?
Sam got his first hair cut, not from me w/the clippers (he really wanted the corn dog in the pic)
Now he looks like an old kid but still in a small body
Logan got his cut too which I am pretty sure has something to do w/that stupid kid who I want to punch. I liked his hair so much but I let it be his choice. He has some great farmer tan but all over his face and neck, its funny!
Sam on the way home from church: In a sing song kinda rapperish voice"Ladies in bikinis, driving lamborghinis" "hey mom that rhymes" yes sam, yes it does! "Mom, I was really looking forward to going to Wendys" "Mom, Neve literally did not want to do that" Driving past the field where his little soccer team is so I can turn around and park "hey mom, they are over there cause I saw some of the guys" (yes he aged like 10 yrs in 10 seconds.....guys?, they are 5 and 6)
Dave is helping Ella w/homework and says "you are going to drive me to drink" so Sam says "what does that mean dad?" I laughed at the thought of him explaining that to Sam
really long video but i never get tired of this kid (this is the whole song for those who already had the pleasure of some of this via text)
Logan asked me what "libido" is the other day which comes from this song. Dave looked at me like "this is all yours". Logan got embarrassed about my explanation and said he wished he didn't ask.


Brian said...

Your boys haircuts did look good today. I made a point to tell them too. I doubt I'd let Logan play ball with me either with that mop. j/k.

Hendricksonblog said...

hmm you didn't strike me as a bully but I suppose there are all kinds (;

Chad said...

Yep, kids are mean. Yep, Dave was a bully. All the way up to USU.

I think that saying buttheads is more than appropriate, especially in front of the bishopric. It shows the kids that you are normal, and not some preachy teacher that says do what I say not what I do.

Um, what are the three words? I got two: dam and hell. Can't think of what the third one is. Mr Sayes always said that he used the word 'gawd' to not be offensive, but I do not agree with that one.... he was definitely swearing, especially at Matt Earle.

Hernandez Family said...

I once said shit at church so butthead is nothing.

I hate when kids are mean. When kids are mean to my kids the mother bear in me comes out. You can say whatever they want to me but to my kids they better watch their backs.

Love that Sam!

PS how did you explain the word libido?

Susan Catmull said...

Oh, My Gosh that video is the greatest. I love that song and Sam dancing to it makes it even better. So funny. It made me a little tired to watch him keep going and going and going.

Natalie said...

He remained very serious throughout his performance.

One time there were some kids being mean to Sarah and they called her some racist words that refer to white people. Sarah couldn't say any racist words back, because she would have been suspended because racism is a one way street. Anyway, all on her own, she told the girls that her dad was a lawyer and was going to sue them. They left her alone after that. I say Logan should cut his hair and put it in the kids sandwich.

And about bad words in church - it's the bishoprics fault because they're the ones who issued the calling, right? You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.

Hendricksonblog said...

Anjanette: the feelings you have when you kind of like a girl. That was enough, he left the room. LOL

I think Daves new profession is a lawyer, at least as far as all the bullies know.

Susan: yes it made me tired, I gave up watching and went back to swimming.

Hendricksonblog said...

oh yeah and Chad ask Angie B about the other word, I think she likes that one. (;

Angie said...

I really need someone to clarify to me just what the bad words are. I can't keep them seperated.

Kids are shits....point blank. Is that a bad word. Tell Dave it's just paybacks because he teased me to death but we at least ended up as friends, maybe?

I really want Sam to come and play with me.

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