Monday, August 22, 2011

I have been touched by your kids... and I'm pretty sure that I've touched them.

First Day for the older 2
Logan (5th grade) aka Shag-a-liciousElla (3rd Grade)
Sam had his Kindergarten assessment and if you ask him how it was he will say "I passed"
He is already a smart little devil and Math is his strong suite just like the others
He starts next week so my dates w/Bob don't start until then
That's okay, I'm a little rough in the lungs anyway

I absolutely hate when shows have someone on the pot, it grosses me out
just a side note BUT
Is it possible to be this cute while doing your business?
I did just say look cute and not to be mistaken for be nice, because that she is not!

Neve: I don't like Mary Popper, its too scary (Harry potter---I wont let anyone correct her)
Neve: "Sam has a wiener and I have a pee pee" Sam: "Neve we don't say that, it's called a Ca-rotch"!
I am not sure who told him it is a crotch strap on the life jacket but he is using the word to its full potential!


Hernandez Family said...

That dress Neve is wearing is way cute!

Best Song lyrics ever