Sunday, August 21, 2011

In the slickest gig you'll ever see

Bear Lake 2011 (Part I)
So we barely arrive at the condos and Logan and Dallin are playing Brians racing game. My dad just keeps telling them how to do things and being a back seat driver so to speak. So we tell him to try it. I was surprised that he did. It was sweet justice to Logan when my dad was disqualified too. He then claimed the steering wheel didn't work right and that race cars are nothing like that to drive. I have to believe him since I have never driven one and he has. We had a great time mocking him after he gave the boys such a hard time.
While Lisa & I were out running I noticed some bikes for rent. You see my pace gives me time to read menu's, read people's mail, and notice small chips in the concrete as I go. So on the way back we checked it out and decided our family's plan for the day since the weather didn't look good for boating. We went back and informed the Dads. They were not thrilled but, We were.
I let Lisa borrow my jacket to continue the confusion tradition so it looks as if my own arm is taking a photo inside the photo I am actually taking. Lisa forgot Bear Lake is cold sometimes and that you can water ski there and snow ski in the winter (;
Norma is always photogenic. I have the opposite affliction
Logan is the age where you want to make crazy faces in all photos
This is the beginning of Brians decline. I told Lisa to drive the Surrey while I was taking pics and she kept driving us off the road and was really being retarded. That was, until I realized her steering wheel was just for looks and it actually controlled nothing.
Now who's the retard w/the camera?
Brian blames the dead weight in the back but Lisa and I switched
and took Adam and still did okay. Poor Brian does not like Fringe on top.
hot tub bubbles make me feel like throwing up
I tried to boil her to see if it would help w/the 'tude but I feel it made her worse
This is pretty much my best side and that ain't sayin' much
This was a fun game w/lots of players and makeshift seats
I don't remember the game at all but I remember it being fun
Poor Lisa who changed these guys to the "triplets". She handles 3 like a champ too
I had a nice vacation of taking pics of other people taking care of my kids
These people w/nannies really have the right idea
Ella, Brin, Gracie, Ash
Ella FINALLY trying something other than the tube. Dave bought a ski trainer which he may end up regretting since it is all anyone will do now besides the tube. I'm sure the fun will wear off but it gives the tiny kids something they can do that is safe. Oh yeah, and BrianRod Stewart being tricky
and now sexy! (the one on the left)
Dave got some surfing in among all the driving
Adam in his designated fat sack position getting sun burned
This picture of Sam and Luke I just love. Can't explain why
Future David Lee Roth (a couple more months of no hair cuts)
Luke, Tanner, Dallin, Rockstar
Sky looks great!
Then whats up w/all the wind?
We got stuck in a pretty nasty wind storm and it was scary especially since my kids and Adam and Norma were somewhere in these crazy ridiculous waves on wave runners. The boat barely handled them and Brian looked like he was on the Deadliest Catch driving in it since there was so much over spray and splash no one could even see, especially him. I did not like it AT ALL and neither did Lisa. I fared afterwords a little better than her because of my half pills that chill out the anxiety. I offer her the other half but she declines and wallows in her anxious misery (still to this day)! On a good note all of our children were safely life jacketed but I cannot say the same for the dumb adults. It is hard when you get in a situation and have more lives in your hands than you have hands. Shoulda been an octopus!----no not 8 kids but extra hands for the ones I have.


Lisa said...

You had the same Sabbath day activity as me!

misskatej89 said...

I love the pic of your dad playing that game! I just wrote a post about my grandfather:

Natalie said...

Yes, those hot tub bubbles also make me want to puke.

I miss Bear Lake. I remember a super-activity we had there and we were having a luau, and the wind kicked up and Elaine O. and Bonnie Something were screaming and trying to hold on to their hawaiian haystacks and the awning at the same time. Good times. Oh, and Jennifer O. hit Justin D. in the head with a golf club and he had to get stitches.

I want a shake right now.

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