Sunday, August 21, 2011

Be excellent to each other

Bear Lake 2011 (part II)
Did somebody say food?
Brian had a great idea to have smores by the fire pit. He went and bought all the stuff to do it w/to find out the pits are gas powered. Booo!
They made it work and I never realized smores can be even stickier than over the fire
This picture SUMS up Neve easily 80% of the trip. The look on her face and also how it looks as if she is ripping this blanket out of someone else's hand (she was in fact doing just that)
What the picture cannot demonstrate is the octave to which she screams
Bear Lake is really beautiful but as the pictures might suggest it is chilly there a lot.
Sam wanted to add to the beauty by posing for me to take some pictures.
His idea along w/the poses
He even wanted his mean little sister in one!
she is mean to him
We had a beach day the last day there, well if you can call what is left after all the agua we got this year a beach. A sliver of terrible sand (remember we just returned from Hawaii) and tons of weeds and crap and piles of people. But, hey when there's water you'll suffer!
Heather, Logan, Ella
The kids were happy Adam and Heather brought these since they were so much fun
Dave doesn't understand why kids don't want to go on the boat when they are at the beach, it is so foreign to the man but kids love sand!!! and these guys made the best of it.
Somewhere back there is Sam town and Dallinville.
It was quite the masterpiece.
This makes me feel stressed and claustrophobic
She is still eating sand
must be like a parakeet and it helps her digestion
Ella and Brin
Heather, Sam, and Ash
Double Adam
We went to La Beau's 2 times. We just couldn't help ourselves
and he FINALLY smiled at me (ok for the camera but I count it)The last night
We went to the go cart track that my dad and Adam had already
tested out for us the day before
Adam didn't stop at the end and hurt the guy in front of him by crashing into the back of him. I think the guy was going to get out and yell at whoever did it but then saw that Adam had Downs and thought better of it (good man).
Me, Sam
Logan or David Bowie
Ella felt safest w/my Dad
We felt no one was safe w/Adam so he went solo
He looks like Big Baby in there to me.
The guys who worked there were really nice but did remember Adam and were smart to strategically stand all around the course. He crashed me out first and then Lisa and then some other guy. I kept wondering who the psycho driver in front of me was because he kept making sudden jerky movements but when we crashed I realized the guy was Adam LOL. Logan crashed himself but blames my Dad. My Dad says it was Logans fault because he cut him off around a corner and you can't do that in racing w/out the space. They also had Adam come out of the track first so there was no one in front of him that would be surprised by whip lash.
Totally Awesome Trip (even if I sound like Bill and Ted)!!!


Angie said...

First off, damn girl you are looking good!

SO was this a reunion with both sides of the family? Very brave if yes. I wouldn't dare do that. I can only let both of our parents together, too much drama with the others and I ain't talking about my family....oops, said too much!

Hendricksonblog said...

LOL, no just our parents and Heather and Adam and some of our friends. It all worked out but sounds like we should have invited Backmans too!!! you know to spice things up

Angie said...

Oh it would of been spiced up I tell ya!

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