Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yes, because the water was cold... and the chewing warms me up

We decided to start the holiday a little early w/a repeat of last years BBQ at Matt and Angi's
We of course had to play the towel/water balloon game and we had quite a bit of fun before the game w/the filling of the balloons. I have a special way of playing this game and instead of moving my feet I like to stretch to try to reach the water balloon regardless of where it is launched to. Dave has a special way of not liking to be my partner while I do this.

Sam, ThippO, Jamin, Logan
Atti, Ella, Beast from the East
I had to include a photo of this RETARD that couldn't drop off nor pick up his tent trailer in a normal manner. Get outta the way!!!
Neve always likes Uncle Mike and took a special liking to him during all the excitement.
She is leery of fireworks while her mother is not. Mike takes good care of kids especially during potentially dangerous activities. I don't think he trusts my "who's watching these kids" skills! but I trust his (maybe unfortunately for him)
I liked this pic of Matt and Dave because Matt is the same age as me so that means these two have been friends for 35 years. Brings a little tear to my eye!
Keri was not posing and worried this would be a jacked up photo but I think it is pretty good and she is really good at buying and organizing fireworks. It was the perfect little show. Matt claimed it was the best day of his life. Keri reminded him of his wife and 3 kids but he would not take back the statement.
Remember how the sewer covers are so awesome to drop fireworks down? I do! I hope life never gets so far advanced that kids are deprived of this pleasure, dirty legs and all!!!

We took a one day break and then on to the actual holiday
Dave, Norma, Keri and Myself ran in the Magna 5K
(yeah we didn't know there was such a thing either & most people still don't know)
Dave took third and I was the first female finisher but only because I let Keri take a wrong turn so I could beat her. Then we ran home and I drank too much water so then I felt sick the rest of the day. Dumb me but I am sure I will do the same thing next time too
The Magna parade
this is how I felt about it this time around

So after that torture we came back to my house (as per usual) and ate and lazed about all day while the kids swam and played games. Then Keri and I went to buy more fireworks.
Did I mention she has a knack for this. We appreciated the worker letting us know which ones sucked but I am pretty sure he knew we would spend a ton of money either way.
I may be a little like my dad in my willingness to blow money on fireworks and Keri, well she is just Keri.
buff, Sydney, Daph, Faybee, Ella, Faye, Chloe
Elijah, Keenan, Quinn, Logan
There were more kids here but I have no idea where they were and i was so freaking tired I didn't even know where I was (;
Josh and Nick helped me light and whose father Matt spent a large sum of money on fireworks for us to enjoy also.
Neve today, who paid dearly for the celebrations and ended up w/Strep
I may have noticed sooner that she was sick except she is randomly wretched so it is hard to tell if it is just her evil side or her not feeling well
We are all over here and have just finished the fireworks and we hear bloody murder screams from over by the fence in my backyard. I think it is Neve and someone else and they sound injured. I run to let them out of the gate that they are pounding on and I open it to terrified Samuel and Finlay. I ask them what happened and Sam says in a very terrified crying voice that they thought they saw something in the pool. I tried not to laugh and then Finlay said "I am just very scared of the dark". I think Finlay got scared and then scared the crap out of Sam. I have never heard him scream like that!
I am listening to the radio and he says "Mom what band is this?"
"mom I think I know why you hate all the halos" i say "why?" and he says "cause your not addicted to them yet"
"Mom do you know that a company called bungee made modern warfare 1 2 and 3?"
"Mom do you wanna do somethin today, like play a game w/me or do somethin w/me or like go to the store and get a new doorknob?" (we have a broken door knob)


Lisa said...

Poor Neve does she not even have a room anymore and has to nap on the chair again! Congrats on your run. That is awesome. Love summer time.

Angie said...

I am still in awe of how much fun this year was. Fireworks are so awesome.

Just how many people were in the Magna 5k and did you pee?

Sarah Lee Cakes said...

twas a good year (as per usual) and I must say I also enjoyed your firework spendy ways. I tried to buy some sweet eleegal stuff on the injun reserv in Nevada but sean said "naw". just like that too. However Dustin spent like $300 so maybe you need to go to his show next year.

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