Thursday, July 14, 2011

just another 365 night stand

She was potty trained and now she is peeing her pants just to practice putting outfits together.
She puts her undies on crack-ed (as I like to call it). She never, accidentally even puts her legs through the right holes. It might seem odd but I don't change it unless they seem to hurt because I think her bum cheeks peeking out are so cute. Especially right now when her legs are so tan and her bum so white. We got ourselves another brown girl. Lucky girls!
This was empty this morning, oh wait.......
it is still morning and she has worn all this
and peed in all this
Sam Says: "when I have a son I am going to name him mini Sam and when he has a son he will name him super mini Sam" Logan says "when I have a son I will name him Alex" Me: "why alex?" Logan: "because I like that name" Sam: "Alex sounds kinda girlish"

I don't know how a Sam could get more "super" or more "mini" than the original but I guess time will tell

Sam likes to point out bums and boobs a lot lately, well, maybe he always has. He also loves the word chubby and uses it to describe both of these body parts. While some might take offense to this he doesn't see chubby as a bad word, it is used by him as by others when referring to a chubby baby. Logan on the other hand had just recently started to get older and has become bothered by nakedness so Sam constantly pointing things out and laughing makes Logan laugh but yet makes him feel weird and embarrassed too. I had the kids watch "The gods must be crazy" a while back and while Ella giggled about the naked boobs and bums I think Logan wanted to disappear.

Sam decided to tell an older friend today that he used to drink milk from his moms boobs and this not to be named older friend got all embarrassed and denied it. I couldn't stop laughing but luckily neither one knew exactly why I was laughing. One thought it was because of the preposterous allegations Sam was making against him and Sam thought it was because the older kid didn't know about breast feeding. I left it at that!
I told this kids mother that some parents might end up awfully thrilled that my 5 year old is reminding them of what they once did in the boobies department.

Logan and Sam told Neve and Tanner to kiss, so they did & then told Neve and Luke to kiss, so they did. Oh man............this girl is gonna have some decisions to make!!! Lisa told Tanner to stop kissing and he said in a very teenage like way, "Why?"
I have my own theory that they were kissing her just to shut her big mouth up!!!
2 and 3 year olds, whats not to love?


Angie said...

Movies from the 80's are some of the best EVER made. My kids just watched Harry and the Hendersons yesterday.

I purposely don't use sunscreen on my kids because I love seeing them with tan lines. Sure, they will probably get skin cancer but I will have an amazing collection of photos of them and their white butts!

Tell Dave THANKS, jerk!

Lisa said...

What I don't get is my kids get a tan line on their backs too. So it looks like they run around in just underwear. I like the look too. Nothing better than white little butts brown bums. On kids that is. Not so cute when your older.
Maybe she wont have to make a choice. We just learned in church about a threesome didn't we??

Best Song lyrics ever