Thursday, July 21, 2011

I thought it came from Buddhist temples and stuff like that

I stopped by Wendy's to get Sam and Neve a kids meal. Sam loves their chicken sandwiches but he likes them w/mayo. On the way home he said "oh I hope it has mayo....crap, it doesn't" they are dumb and don't put mayo on the chicken sandwiches in the kids meal. I said "we will be home in a second and I can put mayo on it" he was sitting back there for a minute just staring at his sandwich and then said "well, staring at this sandwich isn't helping to make me unhungry". I always call my mom to tell her these things because she gets such a kick out of him. speaking of....
My mom came over yesterday to bring me her wedding book so we can get more planning of their 50th party underway. She was showing Ella herself as a bride & said to Sam "wasn't I pretty" and he said "kind of"! She started laughing because he it was so Sam and I was trying to reprimand him for bad manners but she was laughing too much and I had to tell him he was rude while laughing. I am not sure that lesson hit home w/him.
I have been having acupuncture for the last few weeks and the Dr.'s main goal is to clear up my liver which he says has a lot of inflammation and my stomach that has some sort of yeast. Sounds so creepy especially the yeast. So he based all this solely on the appearance of my tongue. I was a little skeptical but after a few days I noticed my tongue was starting to look really different and I could eat walnuts and coconut and pineapple w/out so much as a canker sore. WHAT???
I know eastern medicine is widely practiced and I find it very intriguing but it is really kind of WEIRD. I do like their philosophy more than western about treating the real problem rather than just the symptoms. Anywho the liver causes fertility issues as well as normal female functioning when it is not working right (according to the chinese) so I am giving this a whirl to see if Mr Miyagi can fix my myriad of issues plus it's really neat to learn about.
So the worst part about this treatment for me is probably the best part for 99% of everyone else. I have to just lay there for 25 to 30 min 2 times a week for 3 weeks. Sure I have needles in my arms, legs, head, and face but they do not hurt, the resting does. I do not like laying around. It makes me nuts. I noticed the last 3 times when he reentered the room my butt was clenched as if I were at the dentist and I think it was that way for the whole 30 minutes. So much for relaxing! I just don't know how.......except when it is normal sleeping hours.

We took the kids to the Rodeo on Monday and I had never been. Dave told me he would not go and I told him too bad because I already bought him a ticket. He is always a good sport but spent a lot of time on his phone. I thought it was neat and fairly fun. The Bull riding was enough go give Lisa and myself panic attacks but it was still exciting to watch. We worried about their poor mothers watching their sons be impaled by bull horns or any other injury they could/would receive doing this sport. Sam was ready to go after he got his churro but he suffered through and was rewarded w/cool motorcycle stunts at the end. There were some adults sitting in the middle of our row that I swear got out like 8 times. We had 8 kids w/us and didn't even have to go out half that many times. So weird! Also weird, the guy in front of me was dipping his popcorn in nacho cheese sauce and it was making me want to puke on his head, but then he would probably dip the popcorn in that! People are weird, and really fun to watch!


dusty kay said...

Thank goodness for smart phones! :) Even Jared's phone wouldn't have been enough to get him there!

I've heard wonderful things about acupuncture. Jakson ALWAYS has a canker sore, and whenever he has a lot of acidic juice or fruits his tongue gets all crazy, our pediatrician called it geographical tongue. I'm very interested in reading more about this. Is it the yeast in your stomach causing the crazy tongue? Hmmm...time to google! Thanks April...

Hendricksonblog said...

I think one of my tongue issues was how he knew about yeast. There were marks like geographical tongue all up and down the sides.....I think that was the stomach issue.
I had to drink a mix of 1/2 c cranberry juice (or cran/rasp) 1/3 of a lemons juice and 1/2 to 1 tsp apple cider vinegar 3 times a day before eating. This was alittle hard for me since I hate vinegar but it actually was fine

Lisa said...

I recommend that you keep clenching your buttox while you are there. It can count as an extra work out while you are there. See no wasted time after all. My boys still are talking about the rodeo. They say we go again Friday no matter the day. It was fun Dave just had to pretend that it wasn't!!

Natalie said...

There's nothing like a butt-clenching 30 minutes! We have a Mr. Miyagi here in Salem who practices stuff like that. He's Japanese and gives a naked massage of everything, I mean everything. He's also a Mormon. Neal says he's a perv & I can't go. But I would love one of those diagnostic foot rubs. Maybe I'll sneak a trip to his office. Then I'll feel like I'm cheating on Neal.

I remember going to a rodeo when I ws really young. A bull rider broke his neck. They're hot though.

Angie said...

I have always wondered what people thought of us when they are watching us. Hmm, scary thought!

Dave at the rodeo...that makes me laugh!

I could go on forever about some of the natural things I love. But, if at the end of your butt clinching you still find you need some more, email me. I know a lady and let's just say I call her the "voodoo lady." Just sayin!

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