Thursday, June 23, 2011

Looked out the window and what did I see?

Two butt cheeks smiling at me.
She likes to lick water and that's all I can say about that

Who ever said you eat like a bird to light eaters?
Birds are freakin' pigs in feathers!
I love watching birds but the cute bird feeder I bought to spruce up my yard and back window viewing brings out the worst in the suckers. Must be like driving for people.
I feel like I might go broke from buying bird seed but at the same time am contemplating getting a few more feeders to attract them to my yard. They are too cute and it gives my cat a reason to get off her lazy bum. I will be mad at her if she catches one though. Mice are free game or a seagull. (dont tell the pioneers I said that)

I was driving a bunch of youth on a temple trip last week when some jack@#$% cuts right in front of me and the driver behind me came close to hitting me so I said in a very loud angry voice "holding back lots of swear words right now"! Does that still count as swearing? well, it shouldn't because I didn't feel better. Now I need to work on that w/my own kids and then I know soon Sam will start saying that. Either way I'm screwed!
Summer came on full force and I got my first Sun stroke yesterday at the park previously known as Raging waters! One of the rites of summer for me along w/a couple bad cases of fever blisters. I got a new drug that is supposed to help w/the outbreak but we will see. I won't complain too much since this virus took Nellies sight in one eye and I just get occasional lumpy lips w/pus and bleeding (painted pictures are always more effective)


Hendricksonblog said...

Just realized in that pic, my yard looks like some sort of Day care nightmare!!!

Angie said...

You sure that's water?

Noslo Family said...

Your kids are funny and if I took a pic of my yard it would look worse. My boys like to play in a big empty box and an old innertube leaving popsicle wrappers all over the place. Will you please take all the birds to your house? We have had 2 nests this year and their tweeting is driving me nuts. They have eaten my garden and spread weed seeds all over. Love reading you blog!

Hernandez Family said...

I love little bums!

Lisa said...

I love your swearing story. And it totally doesn't count unless you actually swear. Birds... Our poor birds get fed where the driveway and road meet up at our house. We just have to poor it on the ground. That is the WT way. You have the spoiled birds that actually have a nice feeder. Your birds should be grateful to you. As for the chirping I could do without. We had to move a nest 2 times outside our window before the little buggers would stop waking us up at 4AM.

Natalie said...

She likes to lick water when she's naked. That is really cute!

Raging waters. My kids have no idea that worlds like that exist. They should get out more.

Chad said...

I am jealous of your Hawaii trip. You should have just swore on the trip, it teaches the youth adversity.

What is Raging Waters called now? I remember a few fun trips there with Brad, Jared, Matt, Dave, and a huge box of taco bell Tacos.

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