Tuesday, June 28, 2011

and it brings out the thug in me

Definition of Summer when you are two:

totally dressed yourself & taking a nap halfway on halfway
off the office chair watching the Backyardigans

The boat finally made its debut this year and it is almost July
We took it to Utah Lake to give it a test drive
and the day couldn't have been more perfect
which is opposite of our last trip w/the boat to Lake Powell
where everything went awry especially that spider
Sam, Luke, Ash, Ella, Neve, Brin
Logan doing the sprinkler or shopping cart on the back of the tube
He moves just like the white boy that he is
and this poor lady can never catch a break
never a bare lap for her
Neve quickly and happily took over Luke's spot
Dave pulled out the rusty old wake board & I have never seen him ride it so well
Unloading some unneeded cargo on board him must be the key
We had a 5K the next day that I hadn't signed us up for yet
I was waiting to see if he would jack up his back doing this sport before I spent the $
Lucky for him he stayed injury free and ran his 2nd 5K the next morning
Brian and Dave surfed but those are videos and take too long to upload so I may or may not share them. Depends on my patience level.
Lisa and I tried to wake board unsuccessfully
I'm like dead weight back there so I knee boarded instead
but plan to try the surf board next time in non shark infested waters
Dave has been trying and trying to get her to do the knee board and I suppose this is her year to conquer fears because she asked to do it and got up her first try
She is quickly turning a nice shade of brown (she lucked out w/skin)
We had no flying babies this year and I was happy about that
I felt no stress or anxiety for the first time in a long time while out on the water w/all those kids to save in a potential emergency but poor Lisa gained all of my anxieties I am afraid
I will share the pills
I realized on this trip out that our snorkeling tour helped cure me of my fear of "what lies beneath" and I really enjoyed being out in the water even w/little girls screaming and hanging all over me, luckily I don't have fears of drowning or fear of 8 yr olds
Neve speak: Swimmin soup (suit).
Just bought tickets for myself and Jamie to Erasure-----yipeeeeee
Dave and I each took 4th place in our age group in the 5K even though he beat me by like 10 minutes. I shaved a lot of time off since last year but I still run at a turtles pace. I'm good w/that. I like turtles!


Aimee said...

Erasure? Hopefully you won't have to leave for a vacation and miss a really great concert again.

Lisa looks so tan in that picture. I keep telling her all that running in the sun is changing her appearance in more than one way.

I spent many days on a knee board at Utah Lake as a kid. Those pics brought back lotsa memories. Except the water looks less green and slimy than I remember it.

Hendricksonblog said...

At kingsbury hall in sept

Its still early in the year, give the lake some time to yucky up! You wont catch Dave there in August.

Natalie said...

Abby says "swimmin soup" too! I love it.

I need a boat friend. Where are you when I need you? Our last 3 bishops have had boats, so I told Neal he needs to buy one. He says no. Bishop Boring.

For the life of me, I cannot get going on a wake board. I tried so hard last summer, I screwed up my elbow and shoulder. All my weight must be in the birthers.

Lisa said...

I don't know what I would do with a free lap or arm. I would just feel naked. I also freaked out on the boat when I only had one kid in my lap. Much to weird for me. Too bad for me I still have my heavy anchor anchored to my arse. So no skiing success for me. I am not made for water.

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