Sunday, June 5, 2011

You think the last words to The Star Spangled Banner are "Gentlemen, start your engines."

It has been quite a day, especially going solo
Logan got into Jackson/Jimmer basketball camp last minute and I surprised him. Matt took him the first night because I think he was more excited than the boys. I appreciated the help because I have 3 more kids to tote around so I prefer to not go anywhere.
Saturday morning Logan had a BBall tournament
they lost by 2 to a team w/very poor sportsmanship and w/a really terrible referee that pretty much lost the game for them. It was harder on him because both sets of grandparents and Keri had come to watch him win. He was very sad and mad but then glad.
Because then we ran home to take Sam to his last soccer game & luckily my parents & Mike and Keri were there because I had to leave early to get Logan to the 2nd half of the Jimmer camp (hence the glad)
They really were genuinely nice guys and made a point to talk to each kid separately. Logan took 2nd place in the 2 point shoot out. I was nervous & really wanted him to win because he took 2nd in the Westminster camp last year too. I'm still proud, but I wanted him to win. He had to beat a lot of kids to get that far. It would have been a nice thing too because of his loss this morning. Welcome to life though. When we got home my kids pretended it was summer again and I let them
Then just because I am a glutton for punishment, I took them to the races that night.
Scary (people like this go there)
that is a wig and it is funny
There are a lot of rednecks and a lot of WT but that is what makes it even more fun
This is pretty much how Ella felt about the noise
I always forget earplugs (sorry kids)
Sam was totally all about the Jet cars. Too bad that 2 of the 4 were duds!
Nellie & Eric were going to go to the Blaze but came here instead and our kids were non stop getting up getting up getting up and I said to her, you know if we were somewhere that they "had" to stand they would be complaining about standing all that time yet here they wont sit still. Sometimes you take your kids places and want to kill them the whole time and wonder why you bothered! Oh the woes of parenting and in the end they always say they had fun but they don't know why their mom was so grumpy!!!
We got home late and I had yet to plan my YW lesson so I put it off for a few more hours and then dug in and got it done. I forget the time change in China because Dad called bright and early to say goodnight to the kids and to wake me and remind me why you don't procrastinate.

Everyones a comedian around here Logan is screwing around while he is eating and spills his hot chocolate on my YW manual and I say "damnit Logan" and Sam says "damnit Logan" and I say "Sam don't say damnit" laughing. I said "Sam don't copy me when I am yelling at Logan". So, Sam in a giggly voice says "you say damn it, I say damn it" giggle giggle giggle. Logan ends us all by saying "don't make jokes about this on the sabbath" and grins as if he is the most clever of all !


Hernandez Family said...

You totally need to lend me that picture of that hair!

Angie said...

Did Matt convert to blue? If not, I am impressed that he was excited to see Jimmer!

If Dave is in China, does that mean you are going to get those weird comments again?

Lisa said...

i say hell sometimes, and my kids don't even correct me. they don't know it is a swear word i guess. but i said the "s" word stupid and brin reamed me for it. go figure.
those races were crazy loud. maybe one day i will go. still haven't been in my whole life. i didn't know the real fun was people watching. i like that activity.
log looks cute in that picture.

Natalie said...

I remember hearing the track at my house as a kid. I always wanted to go there.

I think I know the secret to Dave's new body - China. After Neal spent a month there, he was 20 pounds lighter and looked 10 years younger. Diarrhea will do that to you.

Hendricksonblog said...

oh yes he did convert to blue angie...Die hard BYU fan

Kristin said...

Mullet at the raceway...classic!

Your kids are making me laugh right now. The sabbath is no time to joke about curse words. lol

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