Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nothin to show but this brand new tattoo

Days 3-5 although there is no account of day 4 here
because I have no clue what went on that day.
I will have to check w/my memory (Dave)

Pearl Harbor
I cannot muster anything much to say when I look at these photos. I never expected to feel so overwhelmingly emotional! I mean everyone knows I'm a crier but I didn't expect the ones I would feel here. It all was so heartbreaking. I really struggled in the museums where they had things displayed that these people were wearing on this day. I saw the pictures of the little kids going to school carrying their books in one hand and their gas masks in the other.It felt much like a funeral as I suppose it should. I know it is probably some military thing but I really really hate the thought of a watery tomb. I want someone to go down and get them all out. I kept thinking of all the parents of these "boys" killed and then I had to find a happy place in my head really quickly before I started to bawl. Everyone else in the place seemed very somber but stoic and I kept thinking, "am I the only disaster in this place"?
I think I learned more about this history here than I ever have
because I am such a visual learner.
If only high school History could be so touching and impacting,
I may have gone into History.................naaah!
We flew to Maui right after going here
and I was drained (emotionally)
Jet lag was wearing off though....ha ha

Westin in Maui
It was very nice and very beautiful there
Minus the fact that people here are completely covered in tattoos,
it became like where is Waldo to find someone w/none or even just oneIt was literally right on the beach
not that Oceanside right on the beach kind (a mile away)
A lot of people spend their days in Hawaii in lounge chairs by pools drinking the days away & leathering up their skin. I guess now days it is in to look old really fast by tanning all day! I do not sit and laze away well like that at all. Dave and I both agreed that you only lay in the sun long enough to get dried off and then you move along.
Dave spent a bit of time working as he always has to while we are on vacation
but hey its what pays for the vacation so who can complain?

Road to Hana
The road to Hana is about the "road" to Hana and not actually about Hana
It is a 3 hour drive (I think) to get there on the windiest road you have ever seen.
I told Dave it was like 3 hours on the wild mouse except
our car could go off the edgeof the much of the time one lane road.
You do not, I repeat do NOT do this drive if you get car sick
Luckily we don't!
You literally just hoped and prayed no one was coming around the corner the other direction. The locals all load up in the backs of trucks and stuff (yeah no seat belts---gasp) and come around this like a bat outta hell.
Seriously freaked me out a few times but not enough to stop going.
This tree was one of my favorite sites but I kind like plants & flowers
Or maybe this was one of my favorites?Hmmm this kind of stuff is pretty cool too unless of course it is
wrapping around your leg, then that would not be so cool
Also not cool that I think I have a pin head....or is it just the photo?
Either way my head looks too small for my body........blech, I hate pictures of myself!After the long switchback road we got to Haleakala National Park
and the 7 sacred pools that we had done this drive to be able to swim in
(and see naked people that shouldn't be comfortable naked, for kicks and giggles),The pools were flooded and therefore swimming was not allowed unless of course you had a crashing over waterfalls into the rocky sea below death wish
Bummer, but we decided on a hike insteadThis is mostly not sweat but humidity
Okay and maybe some sweat
Some people stopped and went back to their car after seeing this waterfall
Dumb choice!Hike a little longer and go through all this bamboo and
hike through some streams and it is all worth the trouble
It was like a Misty paradise
full of dumb girls who hiked in bikinis and flip flops and were taking non stop pics of themselves yelling out "OC, OC" doing the facebook picture upside down peace sign gestures and such
Were they annoying me?
Oh no, not at all
I threw them my best "your freaking idiots" eyes and moved alongThe road back was not so fun and we just wanted it to end
funny thing too, 3 hours to get there means 3 hours back
I hadn't thought of that
It was worth it though, even if we saw no laughable nudes
We did however see some girls from the OC. Did I mention that?
Lucky thing in Hawaii, most nights end somewhat like this.
So, if you miss it one day you just have to wait until tomorrow.
Good News: Jet lag was gone completely!

Sam says:
I said "hey Sam I'm really sorry that we made you think we were leaving you home from church to teach you a lesson, that wasn't a great idea by me" and he said "awww it was nothin'". Guess it didn't leave too much of a scar, but sadly I bet I will be fighting him next week to get dressed for church ),


Hernandez Family said...

When we went to Pearl Harbor I remember standing there just watching the oil still leak from the ship below. We spent the whole day there and when we got back to the condo my little brother (he was like 9 at the time) said "so who is Pearl Harbor anyway". We still make fun of him.

Sarah Lee said...

Ah, memories! I loved pearl harbor and learned SO much while I was there... then the Movie came out a year later and I was like "Yeah, I already know all this". The pics are so pretty, I LOVE that tree, well both of them, but the rainbow one is pretty righteous. I hope we make it to Maui someday! I've decided all vacations from now must have palm trees and i'll be happy.

Julia said...

You and Dave sure look great! I'm glad you guys got some time away. There's no place like Hawaii!

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