Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another urchin snaps and left dead on his own

Thursday (no idea why I know this day of the week and not the others)
This was day 8 or 9 but who's keeping track?
maybe because this was my favorite day of the trip
Even though I looked like this
but it was after a long fun filled day on a snorkel trip w/
where we circumnavigated Lana'iSnorkels are very flattering
I really don't even know how to describe it. It was amazing and I think I got over some of my fears of underwater creatures. I touched an octopus that the guide caught and resisted the urge to scream when it suctioned onto me. These people are great at what they do. It was the perfect combination of sight seeing and snorkeling all in one. We were gone all day and luckily on this trip there were no annoying people. Daves Y hat started up some conversations w/a family and then this last picture is one of them that looked eerily like Mehmot Okur (I still need to remember to tell my kids I was lying about Memo snorkeling w/us). I was going to photo shop the picture but never did so its a dead giveaway unless it is zoomed and shown on my phone.
We lucked out and ended up boating right through a giant group of spinner dolphins that put on quite the show for us. It was really cool to see them in the wild and not at Sea world. Our guide kept turning the boat around so we could see them for a long time. He reminded me a lot of our friend Chad (funny enough that was also his name). The woman guide reminded me of Jillian Michaels, the quiet and nice version, so Okay mostly just her looks.

That same night we had booked a Luau at and it was really fun and entertaining. The food was also entertaining because I was trying a bunch of sea crap for the first time. Just to make sure, you know, that I still hated it. Yep, I do!!!
The unlimited drinks were a bonus although they made a killing on us since our drinks were sans alcohol which is where the cost is. I am not sure who drove all these people home but it surely needed to not be them. We should have charged for rides. We could have recouped our $.
They did have some real meat on the menu which was good & the desserts were great too but my only regret was doing this on the same day as the snorkel all day in the sun trip.
We were wiped out
I guess we just seemed like quiet drunks!
I was going to take a picture of all the courses but forgot after the first course.
Short term memory is going now too.
The show was fun and I enjoyed it although I almost stood up and punched a guy cat calling the girls w/the coconut bras because he was old enough to be their grandpa and it made me so ornery and disgusted. I guess he didn't realize there wasn't a pole center stage. SICKO!!!
These were my favorite two parts of the show.
Fire dance and crazy, I might kill you and eat you dance.
(i'm not sure that is the proper name for the dance)
It really was a perfect end to the vacation!!! even though there was still one more day. I may get to that sometime but also might not.
I didn't mention yet that I probably ate about 10 pounds of coconut candy while I was there which didn't help me win any prizes at the completion of my weight loss challenge.
Ahhhh it was worth every sugar laden calorie!!!
Also if I lived in Hawaii I might think about running a marathon. It was so easy to breath and I felt like I could run forever, the scenery helps too.
Pictures don't do justice so each person must experience this at least once for themselves
Dave was talking "next time" on day 5 in typical Dave fashion


Lisa said...

I think I could live on drinks/slushies in Hawaii. Or here for that matter. I want that orange drink now. That is a great pic of you and Dave. I don't know if all the extra air would make me want to run a marathon. I have a new goal to never do a marathon.
Please Please Please have Dave check our work schedule before next time. Seriously. You up for next year going again?

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