Wednesday, May 25, 2011

something wrong w/me inherently

One thing that has become very obvious to me in the last week that I have been very wrong about is
"A person doesn't necessarily need a nice bod to wear a bikini"
Dave blames the swimsuit manufacturer for making bikinis in those sizes.
I blame the ladies for not having a good mirror, lighting, spouse, friends, and eyeballs.
Your welcome for not adding photos!!!
actually my little cable wont work to put them on the computer....lucky you!!!
Sometimes i am mean and evil w/a camera in hand but if people weren't so ridiculously ridiculous I wouldn't be evil. So its not really my fault!!!

P.S. We missed U Old man Bono!


Mitzi said...

Do you actually want some stomach-turning photos? I've been at the beach the last week and will be here for one more and it is SCARY!

Natalie said...

Come on! We need pictures! You and Laurel would make a lethal combo. Since the advent of cell phone cams, La has a treasure trove of wonderfully hilarious pictures. Many of them involve melvins/wedgies.

Angie said...

Best. Concert. Ever! Hawaii and teeny tiny bikinis better have been worth it!

Best Song lyrics ever