Sunday, May 29, 2011

I blew out my flip-flop Stepped on a pop-top

What did kids do before Netflix?
The kids pulled a fast one on Grandma H and told her that Neve falls asleep watching Netflix, little did grandma realize one hour later that Neve knows how to keep pushing next episode
I might be worried it has caused this winky eye except that she has been doing this since birth
I found something I love and if you look at the ingredients it would b a no brainer on why the package is empty quickly after it is opened
3 of my food groups
So as most are aware, I am a flip flop wearing girl, once a thong girl but times have changed and now thongs cause wedgies (once melvins)!
My feet were quite at home while in Hawaii. Which of course was reason for my previous anxious feeling. Not the trip, just leaving someone else to do all the dirty work w/the 4 rugrats while I was gone. No one wears shoes there and quite often you see people shopping barefoot. While I do enjoy barefoot to the mailbox and such I find it gross shopping.
Flip flops are not considered appropriate footwear in some places (much to my chagrin) but I still try to get away w/them whenever I can. But I have found a new and possibly more comfortable to the space between my big and fourth toe sandal. I only bought this one pair to see how they wear but they pretty much have every style and color that I will most likely start to collect. Yipeee!
Dave already started his collection.
I tried to get him to buy canvas shoes when they first started coming back in a few years ago & he laughed at me and said he didn't want to look like Jimmy Buffet.
Well since he is already nicknamed Jimmy to some he may as well start playing the part.
So if your in the market for a not cheap-o pair of sandals, these b the 1's
I will one day get to bloggin' about Hawaii but I still feel a bit hung over and off kilter and shockingly have a headache so this is just gonna have to b good for today.

I will end w/a great parenting story because, I mean to be honest, I am pretty much the ideal.
So my little Sam, while being very pleasant and funny most times, is by far my most stubborn child. This morning he was pulling his not wanting to get ready for church crap so I decided it was time to teach him the lesson we taught Logan when he was 3. We left him home alone! But really I was just dropping them all off and coming back to deal w/his crap. This plan totally backfired! I came right back home and the garage door was open & I couldn't find him anywhere. I was waffling between anger & panic because I didn't know if he went somewhere or if he was hiding from me. I started backing out to see if he had run somewhere and a truck I didn't recognize started to pull over in front of my house w/Sams little head between two people on the seat. He opened the door and said Sam told him that his parents went to church and left him home alone. He had put a Dallas cowboys sweatshirt on Sam since he was only in his underwear & Sam showed him how to get back to our house. Sam was clear down past the kids school running to find the church in only his underwear & crying in the rain. That is pretty far away for a tiny little guy like him and I am so glad this guy was nice and thoughtful enough to stop and pick him up. I am sure he thinks and thought he was a 3 yr old by his size. I am also very glad he was not one of those small % of creepy people in the world. Thank Heaven for people who take the time to care!!!
I never thought he would have even left the house. I think the 1K he did a few weeks ago made him realize he could run far. I blame the Red Cross for all this because there is no way this could have been a bad idea by me. Never!!!!
So as I have been thinking about this ALL DAY because it stresses me to think he was all alone somewhere, I have been thinking about all the judgements we make of people "these days" w/parenting choices. So many things that our parents did are considered crimes now like leaving your kid in the car at the gas station (where I think they are perfectly safe in cool weather). Someone asked me the other day if we spank our kids or just talk to them about their behavior. It is almost like you don't dare answer if you are a spanker for fear of getting turned in. I am not quick to spank since I think there are better alternatives to alter their behavior (taught to us by having a toddler named Logan) but I am not opposed to it in certain situations either. Hillari reminded me of when My mom used to chase us down the hall w/a wooden spoon because her mom did that too. We used to laugh and inevitably so would she out of frustration. I don't think belts are acceptable though so if you do that don't tell me about it. Discipline shouldn't leave handprints...pinch prints maybe, but only during Sacrament meeting ha ha.

It is hard to always know what to do as a parent and sometimes your decision is total crap but it seemed fine at the time. My heart aches and emotions run high and I don't pass blame when I hear stories like the one last night w/the 2 yr old in drowning in the creek but I do know sometimes I do judge even when I don't know details or facts and I need to not do that anymore, especially since I returned home to a large medical bill from a fire truck ride and MRI's. I know there wasn't much I did wrong w/that scenario besides just being a little more careful but people could judge me for letting Neve exercise her independence.


Aimee said...

Oh my gosh! I would be a mess. When Emma first started having her anxiety issues, the doctor's kept asking me if something like this had ever happened - "has she ever been left home alone?" ... "has there ever been a bad experience that would make her scared to have you leave?" Fortunately for you Sam hasn't been one of those anxious kids. He he.

I am loving the shoes and also the way you blog like you text now. These "b" the one's.

Chad said...

You missed U2 for this?

Hendricksonblog said...

Oh great now I have anxiety about him getting anxiety!
and Chad,
Just keep pouring salt in that wound. Angie told me she thought The Edge might end up needing a hip replacement and they would have to reschedule again so I was banking on that w/the old fogies. You missed it for work! How lame is that? LOL

Angie said...

Don't even get Chad started, he did end up having the better seats and he would love to "rub" it in!

Parenting is a double edge sword and you know what ever choice you do make, good or bad, your kid will one day be telling it to a therapist.

Glad Sam is ok.

Chad said...

I didn't miss it for work, I was getting paid to be there. I have some stories I will tell if we ever do a friend get together again.

Natalie said...

I spank my kids. And I am not ashamed.

Total back-fire. I just told Neal, and he said he would have been obligated by his job to report you. Good think Neal didn't find Sam.

You are right about not judging. I'm not judging. Just laughing and thinking,"Holy crap! I think I would have died!"

Chad said...

Rub rub rub, Rubbin it in.

The Royals said...

My mom used to chase us with a wooden spoon, too!

Hendricksonblog said...

ha ha Neal couldn't have reported me since I was home when the guy returned w/Sam. There is not actually a law in Utah about what age is ok to leave a kid home alone or not one that I can find.

Hendricksonblog said...

I also will add that way too often DCFS is spending time checking out all the decent parents for little things from people sticking their nose where it doesn't belong while all the horrible parents are beating and starving their kids to death and nothing is done about it!!! Seems to be the way life goes!

ha ha hey Natalie tell Neal that I would spin it on him and tell the police that he kidnapped Sam!!! not really but I would want to.
I find that most times men don't have a clue of what it is like day in and day out to raise children & my only other option would have been to beat him into submission. I chose the lesser of the two evils.....or so I thought.....LOL

ask him if he knows about that law thing because I have looked to see if Logan is old enough to tend for short periods of time & can find nothing.

Natalie said...

The law is different in every state. In Oregon, you can leave a ten year old in charge of younger siblings if there are reasonable circumstances and a reasonable amount of time. Very broad rules. So, when Sarah was 10, Kate was 5, and it was just the 2 of them, so we'd put a movie on and go out for dinner close by. But, if your 10 year old is handicapped, or if they're put in charge of a bunch of handicapped infants, then you're in trouble.

It wouldn't suprise me if Utah was similar.

The Bronson Bunch said...

I totally get where you are coming from on the whole parenting thing. Even as licensed foster parents I feel like if we ratted ourselves out that sometimes the kids get a smack in the back of the head that we will have our license revoked. lol Not that they would but seriously, people take things too far with being nosy. I think people need to be aware but geez. I'm glad a kind man found Sam and brought him to you.
ps where do you get those shoes? Jason loves those styles and I can never find them!

Kristin said...

Oh, my. Rascal Sam. I did that once when I was little. Some nice lady found me on the corner of a busy intersection in Salt Lake and helped me find my home. Thank goodness there are people who are sweet and normal like that.

Oh, and my mom used to chase us around with a spoon, too. I was the brat who, when my brothers were being naughty, I'd go get it for her. lol I think spanking within reason is normal, too. I'm sure I'll be calling you for ideas in a few years if it doesn't work. : )

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