Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chow mein, pizza pie, Virginia Ham

Sam had his preschool program today
and it feels a little bittersweet to me
He took his parts very seriously as you can tell in the photo (and no we did not dress him in that, his teachers did and his part said "Jimmer Rocks")
I found myself having to shake off the tears a little but it was at really odd times

It just kept hitting me that time goes by so fast and the more you want it to slow down the faster it seems to go. I don't like the idea of my little Sam going to kindergarten. He is still that mellow, beautiful little brown faced baby I brought home from the hospital. He made everyone want to have a baby, some babies have that affect on people and he was one of em'
I love all my kids and each plays such an important role in our family but I am not sure Sams role can be defined. He is such an interesting little creature and we find ourselves asking quite often "where did he come from"?
Anyway, I don't want to share him w/Kindergarten. I feel like keeping him all to myself for a few more years or at least until he is the size of a Kindergartener.....that surely buys me time.

I feel anxious tonight but cannot say why
I need to go to bed
but I would need a tranquilizer to counteract the Imitrex I just took---booooo!

I hear Neve crying from my bed yelling "I want daddy" and Sam meanders into the kitchen and says "Well, that didn't go well". I laughed and said "what"? he said he went in to tell Neve that Mom was in the kitchen and she started to cry because she didn't want Mom.

Sam is telling Ella that she can't drink her water before the prayer is said and Ella is disputing this so he asks me and I say that you can drink your water before the prayer if you are thirsty. So, Ella says "see" and Sam says back "well I don't know a lot about life and I bet mom has teached you a lot more about life than she has teached me"


Chad said...

Enough with the foreshadowing... tell us about the anxiousness?

Natalie said...

I've never met Sam, but I love his guts.

Sometimes when my kids are whiney at night, I am very happy when they want dad.

Lisa said...

Your pregnant....was the first thought of why you are anxious....being yw pres...second guess.....after that i don't know..hope to hear about it soon. I love how you have teached ella more about life. but sam has a point. the water wouldn't have been blessed, so it might not be as good for her.

Angie said...

It's the bikini huh?

I feel the same with my Jack. I love having him around. He says the silliest things but he means them all 100%.

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