Monday, May 30, 2011

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue

Hawaii Days 1 & 2
Oahu (North Shore)
We stayed at Turtle Beach Resort and this was the view from our window
We arrived late the first night so didn't do much except go to bed since it was 4 hrs later at home and seemed like the right thing to do.
Everything pretty much that I blog from these first few days is almost absent from my memory. I had the worst time w/Jet lag. Dave kept telling me to quit yawning. I was still trying to keep a handle on these crazy migraines too w/out getting addicted to the medicine that helps w/them. Needless to say I was kind of a sleepy disaster. I tell people it is not good for me to mess w/my sleep. I get all jacked up. Dave quickly realized I wasn't kidding about that.
Good thing for pictures and Daves amazing memory or I would have to say that I know I had a great time but I don't quite remember why. On day 2 we went to the temple and low and behold the guy in the visitor center is Mark Eubank and he and I have a long discussion about the weather (shocking I know).
Then we took a ride by BYU Hawaii of course.
The trip may have been incomplete otherwise!
Finally what I had been wanting since I saw it on food network a few years ago.
I was kind of being a Brian about a few food things there that I wanted to try
A Shave ice w/beans and ice cream. So awesome!
but shockingly Dave and I both thought the pineapple flavored syrup sucked.
The beans were good w/the ice cream too
Seems weird but true
It still kind of bugs me that they call it shave ice
I feel like it needs a d but Hawaii doesn't
We went to Waimea Valley on a Nature hike. Above is Waimea Falls
Dave humored me here because he knows I like plants and flowers
How can you not?
Then we spent the majority of that day kind of exploring around the North Shore
We watched kite surfers and saw para gliders and an actual glider plane
A lone dog on the beach decided to be my friend and kept stepping on my feet if I would stop petting him. I think he was a beach bum.
Speaking of animals and bums, there were some hobo cats in the parking lot at the resort too that would just lay in the middle of the road and expect the cars to go around them.
I guess they always get their way since they are not flat yet.
Lastly we ate at this little dive right next to a gas station, Kahuku grill and the food was awesome. Dave took a pic on his phone of me and where I was seated because it looked like Logan had eaten there. I was shaky and couldn't seem to keep my hamburger together or keep the fry sauce upright, or not set my drink in the fry sauce I spilled.
I am not the kind of person who takes tons of pictures because I like to actually experience the sights while I am there an not later when I look at my pictures. I found on this trip that pictures didn't do anything justice anyway.
After we got back I think we went and watched surfers and the sun set and saw a few turtles swimming around, we may or may not have swam in the pool (I think we did) because I think I remember it being a salt water pool. I have forgotten some things but for some odd reason some of the food stands perfectly in my brain. Funny, I am not normally that way.

Sam says: The night after we got home I was talking to him in his room and he told me something and then said "wouldn't you agree mom"? Wouldn't I agree? yes where does he come from?
Today he and Logan and Dave were going to go see Pirates so he came down while I was on the elliptical and said "hey mom, we are gonna leave to the movie in a bit so I thought I better come down and get a kiss". Glad he still loves me even after our backfire.


Aimee said...

Did Logan like Pirates? Josh slept through it - think they didn't exactly sleep much last night.

I agree on the pictures in Hawaii. It's like a cartoon world with all the colors and pictures don't do it justice. Ah I love it there.

The "shave ice" drink is similar to what Josh had when he went into shock. It was a coconut bean shave ice. I also think it should have a d. At Mo Bettah Steaks the menu says "shave ice" and it bugs me. But when you read it you can hear the islanders saying it that way in your head.

Angie said...

I want a vacation now....shoot.

Natalie said...

That shave ice with a side of beans sounds like a kitchen accident. Sick.

I'm with Angie - I. Need. A. Vacation. To. A. Sunny. Land.

Maybe Dave was continuously slipping you the date rape drug while in Hawaii. That could explain your memory loss.

Natalie said...

p.s. Where are the bikini pics you promised?

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