Monday, May 2, 2011

No need for greed or hunger

Oh Dear, my sweet little Ella.
So on the long drive home from Logans soccer game tonight I decided to tell Ella about Osama since the flags are always up on her Birthday & she is aware of what happened that day. So we got on to discussing the heroic efforts of the people who 1. stopped the other planes from hitting the targets and 2. of the rescue people who were well aware they may die but still tried to save other people.
So then Logan says that he thinks it is dumb for people to have not tried to stop them when they knew they would die anyway. I told him that sometimes we don't know how we will respond in certain situations and sometimes you are braver than you knew and sometimes you are not as brave as you thought but that it doesn't necessarily mean that the people who tried to stop things are better than people who didn't, they are just wired differently.
So anyway to better drive home this point I explained a story about a house that was on fire a week or so ago and how some young guy ran into the house and saved a 19 month old little girl but his friend who was with him didn't go into the house.
So Logan says "uh mom, Ella is crying" and the proceeds to kind of make fun of her a little. So, I got mad at him and told him that it isn't stupid for her to care about others even if they are strangers. So later after she is ready for bed I see that she is upset again and I explained to her that "this story" had a happy ending and that the little girl was saved. So I said "Why are you so upset, it is good she got saved" and she bursts again into tears and sobbing says "But I just keep thinking of Neve"
What a sweetheart she is, an emotionally disastrous sweetheart! Can you imagine in like 40 years when she is old enough to be married and pregnant? YIKES!

I then took a minute to talk to her about it not being Neve and that Neve is fine and so is the little girl (can you say anxiety pills in the future.......poor girl.........I feel her pain)

Logan thinking he is so funny walks up to me and kinda rubs his shoulder against mine and leans in real close to my ears and whispers "Mom, I think ya better quit tellin your stories"

On an unrelated note, today Sam asked me if I thought the world would ever run out of chocolate milk and I said "not unless all the brown cows die" and he totally believed me and said "Yep, that is pretty true" happy as a pig in stink!

Neve says
"I not a Gee-Sus, I a Neve"
"I not a poopy monster, you the poopy monster"

"Where are the peoples" (she says this whenever there are a group of kids at our house & she can't find them)


Hernandez Family said...

Well I certainly hope that Ella is not pregnant in 40 years!

Natalie said...

I second the hope that she's not pregnant at 48.

What a sweetie. I think it's a girl thing, because all of my girls would have cried if I told them that story.

Scherzinger's said...

I know what you mean we were talking about it at our house and my Sadie is crying and saying how mean we are that we are happy someone is dead and maybe we should give him flowers.So we had a long talk too.

Lisa said...

I love Ella. She sounds a lot like what I deal with around here. It is good though. I would rather the "sweet spirits" than a mean non caring girl.
You better make sure you have some choc milk powder somewhere in your food storage. Or Sam might not make it through.

Angie said...

What a sweetheart. I agree, better to have a sweetheart than a nasty you know what!

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