Saturday, May 7, 2011

Just to get it all out, what's in my head

I got my first ride in a fire truck yesterday! and no it was not fun!
Neve (my little screamin deamon) likes to get into her car seat by herself (we all know the independent 2 yr old routine). So, yesterday it was time to take Logan to soccer so as she started climbing in I ran in the house to grab something and as I walked out the door I saw her crash to the ground, side top part of her head first. I ran and picked her up and she screamed so I am thinking it probably hurt a lot and since she was standing on a booster in a suburban when she fell, it must really hurt. Then suddenly she went unconscious. Holy crap I just got the chills again typing that out. I felt the blood drain from my face and apparently Logan could see that I was worried and he started to get a panicky look. She woke up and was acting weird and then went unconscious again so I ran to the phone and called 911. I have called police many a times living right across from a park where all sorts of shady things go on but never ever for an emergency for one of my children. Something about all of it felt so foreign and wrong. The guy on the other end did his whole routine as I kept trying to keep her from falling asleep. The first thing he told me is not to pick her up............uh too late! I don't know a single mom who would not run over and pick their kid up from a fall. I get the reasoning behind not moving them but reason flies out the window when a kid falls. My kids are not lovers of falling asleep and I couldn't keep the girl awake. She kept collapsing and couldn't hold her head up straight. I felt sick & my emotions were trying their hardest to make a debut. I took her out in the backyard to get some wind on her (& me if I am being honest) and could hear a couple of firetrucks coming so I sent Logan and Sam to the driveway so they would know where to go and to come in through the garage. (thank heavens Ella was w/my mom when this unfolded...makes me tear up just to think of her witnessing this). So seven thousand (at least) EMT's, firemen and such enter my kitchen and start asking me things and her things. She wouldn't respond even to me but then I had a glimmer of hope when Nellie walked in and she "half smiled" at her so I knew she at least recognized someone.
These guys were so good, I know it takes special people to do the things they do but they really couldn't have been any more awesome. The oldest (maybe lead) guy after all the six thousand and something others left told me he wanted to take her to the hospital to have a CT scan since she was not acting "normal". Then they told her that they were going to put DORA's backpack on her & gave her a stuffed frog (which Dave says is a turtle but its not). She didn't make a peep, not so much as a blood curdling scream so I knew something was not right. They loaded her little body on a backboard & on a stretcher. She looked so little and sad and the emotions started pushing again. I saw a crowd around my house and couldn't look at them for fear one of their compassionate faces would make me burst into tears. I grabbed the phone to call Dave and Nellie took my boys. I very calmly told Dave what happened and apparently my calmness made him more nervous. The last time I was calm about bad news was when Ella was a baby and they told me she needed to be tferred to PCMC & I was fine until a Dr. said "you are handling this all so well", I instantly burst into tears and didn't stop crying literally for 2 days straight. Dave had every reason to be nervous of my calmness.
So the guys did great talking to me and what not but then my nose started to get that cold "im about to cry" feeling and i was about to lose to it when my phone beeped and a friend had sent me a hilarious pic of something she knows I hate. I told her it must have been inspired. ha ha.

So to make this long long story even longer, they did a CT scan which she held very still for and then once that expensive test was run she started to perk up and in fact was starting to be silly crazy. Dave says that is how you feel when you have a concussion. I think when I had mine I also had post traumatic stress issues so I don't remember feeling at all silly....crazy yes!

So my little girl has a concussion. She was grumpy today & did a lot more screaming than normal which I was patient with of course but she seems to be good. She keeps saying "mom I fall outta car and get hurt". I told her to never do that again and she said "why"? and I said "because it hurts my feelings when you do that" and she said "I sorry Mommy".

Logan has nicknamed her concush!

All I know is that I never ever ever want a child I am holding to faint or be unconscious ever ever again. That was the most horrible feeling I think I have ever experienced.
Horrible!(said Lisa style)

Now I have been in an ambulance, Fire truck and Life flight. We are covered in this house and those "fun" times can be had by others. Glad to have em' but even more glad to not need em'.
I'm glad whatever I was to learn in all this wasn't at the price of a broken little girl.
Man I love her little guts!

I was thinking last night of these EMT's out of uniform (no not naked out of uniform) and realized how average Joe they were but ladies is there just not something about uniforms that add to or even make a fellow handsome. It is weird. I wonder if a guy at Hot Dog On A Stick would be cuter w/or w/out the tall hat. LOL

Sidenote: Ella did find out after Nellie took my boys to my Moms and Sam proudly announced what had happened even though my Mom and Logan had done their best for her not to find out. Luckily my mom was their to calm her fears. Faye came running out to the car and said "Oh Neve I was soooo worried"


Aimee said...

You are a great writer cause I was nearly in tears reading that. And I knew what the ending was but still got sick to my stomach. I'm actually so glad we were out of town when it happened cause I would have been in your backyard/kitchen with the EMTs not out front with the compassionate neighbors.

So glad she is back to her normal crazy Neve and not the other kind of head injury crazy.

A couple of funny things...the lisa word was funny. i could hear her saying that. And, I am embarrassed for your friend that sent the text that distracted you from crying.

Lisa said...

I guess I live too far on the East side of the hood I had no idea any of this was even happening. I too felt completely sick when I heard about Neve. I almost got sick at the church.
Is this weird, but how in the world do I say terrible. I didn't know I said that or I even had a way to say it. Crazy. Yes thank heavens Ella was not around.
Love all of you.

Julia said...

Wow, how traumatic! I'm so glad Neve's doing okay. I remember an ER doc telling me the two times you should have your child checked after a head injury are when they either vomit or lose consciousness. My kids have hit their heads plenty of times, but never as badly as Neve.

On a lighter note, Happy Mother's Day!

Rachel said...

This was hard to even read, let alone live through with your baby! And you held it together when it was most important. I'm so glad she's ok.

And Lisa you do live on the East Side of the hood. No drug activity going on there. You probably shouldn't be associating with us westies.

Hernandez Family said...

I almost had a panic attack reading this. We passed by your house and saw the fire trucks, Nellie and some neighbors out front. It looked like everything was under control at that point. I am glad to hear that Neve is okay. I think it was something more then luck that Ella wasn't there. I'm sure that just knowing something happened to Neve is bad enough for her.

PS Lisa does have a way of saying "Horrible".

Hendricksonblog said...

Its all about the intensity in "Lisa style"! but you do say horrible a lot actually and w/great intensity.

I will not be embarrassed for my friend w/the text because it actually kind of saved me in the moment.

Angie said...

Holy crap.

I am glad she is better. Kids shouldn't get hurt, ever.

I want to know what the text was!

Natalie said...

Very scary! I'm glad she's ok and I'm glad you're ok. I'm just impressed she does her own seat belt!

It's amazing how some mom's can be stone-cold focused when bad things happen. When Sarah cut off her finger, Neal freaked, and I didn't lose control till the next day. Then I cried all day. But Neal probably freaked because he's the one who cut her finger off. And I remember calming my mom down when she came to the hospital after our "horr-EE-ble" car accident and Sarah got hurt.

About those uniformed firefighters, when we had our smash-up, one of the paramedics was a kid I totally crushed on in jr. high. I was embarrassed. And he was still hot.

Hendricksonblog said...

She doesn't buckle her own belt but she likes to climb over and get into her seat herself. My 5 yr old cannot seem to even do his seat belt.

jason said...

That breaks my heart! I can't imagine how you felt when she passed out in your arms! I'm so, so glad she is ok!

The Royals said...

I cried when I read that even though you had already told us the story at church. I would have been bawling once I saw the firetrucks. And I still get a little anxiety when I see an ambulance. I am so glad that she's ok. And Lisa does have that way of saying horrible!

TammaRamma said...

Yikes! I'm glad she's ok! Sadly, I've felt your pain and know that an unconscious child is the most horrible thing a mom can experience. For what it's worth *big hug!*

Chad said...

One of the hardest calls, that happens again and again for me, is when kids are involved. It sounds like you did good holding it together, which is hard to do. When my boy fell off a counter and broke his skull, it was a whole new experience, even for someone like me who sees it all the time. Your right, it is not suppose to happen to to "me" or "you." Glad it was just a concussion.

I wish the uniform thing worked for me. Uniform or not I am still just a below average joe.

Chad said...

ps- we show up with 6 thousand because it is better to have enough help when you need it than to not have enough people to do a job and have to call and wait for backup.

Hendricksonblog said...

6000 uniforms to look at was not a complaint. Thanks Chad and I did think of you w/Eli after the fact and I felt very anxious for you both.

Sarah Lee Cakes said...

It would have been really great if Ella and Faye had witnessed it. they'd both be bawling for sure! I'm happy she's better... and screaming, a little less anyway. I don't ever want my kids or anyone else's to go limp in my arms, or anywhere I am near. Kids getting hurt makes me lose it! I got a concussion in 4rd grade when one of those big red balls hit me in the head and my head hit the concrete. I went to the office where the nurse had me lay in a dark room to take a nap. What an awesome nurse.

Kristin said...

Holy crap!! I can't even handle this story. Poor little Neve. It breaks my heart to hear that she got hurt. But, glad she is better!!

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