Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We gotta get off this rock, Chuck

Ella & Faye on Easter Day
"Hey Axe, Smile!"
"Hey Axel, if you smile I will let you play my i-pod touch"
No joke that is really how that went
This next photo just cracks me up, partly because this is not all the grandkids and partly for the faces. If you watch Parenthood the little one making the face looks just like Max on that show
This is just to fool people into thinking she is sweet
All said by Neve in one day (most of them in a screaming voice that I hate)

Fine Mom, I'm gonna punch you in the face
I sorry Sam, I not do it again!
Mom, Sammys a freakin jerk
Mom Faybee is my best friend
Mom, Your a witch? (this seemed more like a question)
Mommy, you are nice
Mom, I'm not aterrabull-ull, you a terrabull-ull
Mom, your hair is pretty
Mom let me go potty reely qwickly
I'm gonna bite you!
Mom you not nice
Mom I wanna ice cream- rye-ite-now!
MOVE, sucker!
Excuse me, I burped!
Ella, You a poopy diaper head
Shutup, you stupid! (when i get after her for this one she quickly says, "I stupid" and laughs to avoid getting in trouble)
You a buttface!
I no wanna-a-a-a take-a a nappa!!!!!

Right now the mean side is winning w/this 2 year old schizophrenic! (and the screaming side)

I can honestly say I have no idea where she has heard some of these but on the other hand I know exactly where she heard the others and I have some kids who need a pump of soap in their mouths and maybe me just a quarter of a pump. (I'm to blame for the poopy diaper head one)


Best Song lyrics ever