Saturday, May 14, 2011

If the headache would only precede the intoxication, alcoholism would be a virtue

I started out this week w/a migraine and then got a break on Tue
and then had another on Wed
and then went to the Zoo w/Logans class on Thurs
(which also could count as a type of headache) Not really though. I had a great group of Boys and I hope its not against some sort of rule to put their pic on my blog w/out written consent
(I like to ask for forgiveness anyway so this will give me more opportunity to do that)

The kids came home on Friday and have been so hard up for sunny weather they took 80 degrees as a summer day and ran through the sprinklers.
She still fits in last yrs suit but who am I kidding I bought her another one anyway. I love babies in swimming suits. Pretty much guarantees a smile out of me. Of course I make a face when I get into one too but it is more of a cringe. Adult fat is just not cute like baby fat. We need to do something about changing that
I got up early (to some) this morning and ran a 5K to raise $ for the Red Cross. Something our oldest youth in our ward organized (ok and a little help from their leaders LOL). My husband who has always claimed to hate running won the race in the adult division(yep even beat Lisa-my idol). Dave has dropped a bunch of weight and is so disciplined that anyone who hasn't seen him in a week will almost not recognize him. Nellie just last week asked Eric who the guy was on the bike that he was heckling was as he rode by. He has also taken up biking since I bought him a bike. He has also been known to say that he doesn't understand how people get into biking. He now does 26 miles a few days a week. He looks great and I will admit some jealousy on my part. I get a little nervous about someone hitting him w/their car though and clench my butt for the hour he is gone, you know what I mean by that like when you are at the dentist and you notice you have been doing that your whole appt. Logan won the 3K and Ella did the 5K pushing Neve in the stroller (she is such a tough chick---Ella I mean.....Neve just likes to scream). My little Sam ran a 1K w/a little help from his Dad. When I saw him and Carter running down the sidewalk as fast as they could I kinda started to cry (yeah I have admitted before about what a joke I am). I was just kind of proud to see him running his little heart out. I myself don't run very fast but I enjoy it just the same. Shortly after the race a little headache started to rear its hideously ugly head.
I took Sam to soccer and it got worse and then Aimee drove us to Lagoon for Ella's competition and all hell broke loose in this head. Luckily I wasn't so much in denial that I had an imitrex in my bag (2 actually). I was a joke and finally when the comp was over the drug kicked in.
Sure glad I was w/someone who understands the dynamics of migraines
Awesome zombie Mom!Abbey/Ella/Emma

Just to add a tad bit more token randomness to this blog. Dave came home w/a surprise for me. A Mac notebook. I looked at him and was happy but said "why, did you get the new one"? he sheepishly had to reply "yes"
He still does feel a little guilty about stealing my gift of a Mac so many yrs ago but not enough to stop only giving me his cast offs. I really wouldn't appreciate the new stuff anyway.
I'm still sort of a pencil and paper kind of freak.

And this evening as Dave got dinner and bathed kids I sat in a chair, half baked and I finally finished my Family Tree that we did for YW a few weeks ago. I made the girls promise to finish theirs that week so they could give it to their Mom for Mothers Day. I went against my better judgement and followed Kellys advice about the heart around my letter carving in the tree (I've always been a little anti hearts). Good call there Kelly. I am so grateful to have some great crafty idea flowing leaders serving right along side me since I lack majorly in that dept. I really like them w/out their ideas but the ideas do kind of seal the deal. (;
Moral to this random----I do not feel sorry for myself about migraines ailing me because I know every person has their thing that sucks, it just annoys the crap out of me when so much time is wasted that could be spent being productive (like smashing the snails that are eating my plants). I hate sitting around and "resting", it makes me ornery. I'm not cut out for rest during daylight hours but don't even think about stealing the night time kind! I love that stuff!


Lisa said...

your super nice I told the kids it felt hot, but once they were wet it wouldn't be as hot as they thought. I am a mean Mom.
Plus in defense to Dave beating me....Nope he is just faster! He did great. That should be an annual YW/YM activity. Super fun.
Your craftiness is awesome. Mine would turn out looking like crap.
Sorry for the migraine. I only get a couple ever year, and I want to die. So even though you don't feel bad for yourself I do!!
Oh and Ella looks really cute!

Aimee said...

I hate Lisa for only getting a migraine a couple of times a year. Curse her.

The girls are cute. Too bad you had a headache so we didn't get to do as much making fun of the other costumes as we usually do.

I think I might want to make those family trees with my girls. You are quickly becoming the coolest YW leader. It's taken me 3+ years to have the girls wish they got my handout on Sundays. Now you have outdone all of us with your activities. Cake decorating and now this. My girls had to plan the 5k while you guys made these. I should use Kelly more. She is amazing, too.

Hendricksonblog said...

The only thing I am good at is utilizing my resources which is interpreted as using the people I know for their talents.

Natalie said...

For the 6 years I was in YW, I vowed to never make a hand-out. And I didn't!

So, where are the pics of Dave? Huh? The ones WITH his clothes on, please.

Migraines and show-stoppers for sure! Sorry you had so many last week.

Sarah Lee said...

wow, you're a marathon running family. I can just see Sams face running like the wind! oh and BTW phoebe came home from Mom's saying "what the freaking heck"... over and over. I joked Mom taught it to her and sean said "Sounds like something Sam would say"... ha ha, it does.

Sarah Lee said...

AND, that family tree is adorable! no, really. Hearts and all.

Angie said...

At least Dave didn't lie!!!

Never had a migraine and you can hate me for that but I am just so stinking glad that I have never had one.

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