Saturday, April 23, 2011

There is freedom w/in, there is freedom w/out

Sarah came and taught my YW girls how to do fondant cake decorating
I am not very good at such things
But she is and so were the girls. Sarah told them that they were way better at it than some of the ladies she took a class with. No, I wasn't in her class! but had I been I'm sure she would have been talking about me.
I think it is kind of funny that sometimes people do things that they are not good at yet they seem oblivious to the fact that they are not good at it.
I'm pretty aware of my non-strengths and creating is one of them.
I was kind enough to give up my cake to these guys. I guess Sarah never lets her girls decorate because this is a lot of work for a "fun play dough Like" time so they were thrilled to get a chance. They have some practicing to do I think.and I gave up yet another chance for me to decorate to these dweeby looking boys and they made a "shocker" of a cake. Never had any idea it would have some sort of BYU on it.

Next on my busy work
Lisa & I had a major increase of eggs again
I think we ended up w/1818 eggs this year (once all the really late entries made it to me)
I have issues and insist on tying knots in the baggies & I get mocked by fellow crazy people who do different types of crazy things but wouldn't think of tying knots in bags because that's just for the mentally insane.
This is just my pile before it was complete and didn't include Lisa's nor all the really late entries
We did have some fun w/the baggie tying----the kids anyway. He's the brown egg in the middle and she's the peachy one w/lots of teeth
This is the only photo I got of the hunt minus one w/many Harmons in it all w/really grumpy looking faces but Dave had to help Neve do the hunt so he couldn't be cameraman this time.
I'm really banking on Keri for some decent photos
Did I happen to mention anything about some really late eggs?
(and if u r reading this, no it was not u w/the late eggs I repeatedly mention)
I like doing this and I hope all the great helpers do too
But man, I am tired!
P.S. Kiwi Bakery in Magna donated doughnuts to us for this and we loved them before they have been kind to us because their food is good but we love em' more now. I will not tell anyone that their meat pies are to die for. I heard their fish is good too but I do not partake of fish.
P.S.S.-Winnie is one lucky dog and has found most of the eggs the older group didn't.


Hernandez Family said...

So, maybe next year I will tie knots for you with the eggs I donate.

PS I didn't even see Sams face when I first looked at the picture. So, fun.

Lisa said...

I wish i was in the fondant class. Every time it is birthday cake season and I am doing a crappy job with frosting I think I wish I could do fondant it looks so much easier. But knowing me I would ruin or have a more than difficult time with the fondant too.
Hey I can be a crazy bag lady next year if you want me to be. You just might have to remind me. I am good at my crazy, but can learn to be you crazy too!!
It was a blast.

Aimee said...

You are both crazy. And you are both great at your own kind of crazy. And it makes me laugh and I love it. And I love the hunt and the doughnuts and the Lisa on the ladder and the April tying the knots and the Winnie finding the eggs I hid (oops) and the Dave mowing the lawn right before the hunt and the cheaters and the Keri being "teacher" and... I have some great pics I will email to you.

Angie said...

Just much are you out each year with this hunt? If it's more than ten bucks you are the nicest person I know.

Hendricksonblog said...

Definitely more than 10!
but i am plenty not nice in many other aspects so maybe this helps me get closer to even! LOL

Angie said...

I am not that nice!

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