Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Will you still need me, will you still feed me

What the heck?
Neves way "oh a heck"

Drove a long way today to pick out some carpet and Sam asked questions the whole time!
I think that might be why I feel so tired. Or possibly because I decided to run to the dealership last night to pick up Daves car instead of hitching a ride. I enjoyed it but my body ached all that normal? I'm getting old.
Anyway here are a few of his questions and go ahead and ponder some of them yourselves.
"Would you go to jail if you crashed down signs? How did cops shoot people before guns were a-vented? How did people write when there were no computers? How did people write before pens were a-vented? Where did people go before they had jails? (stupid me made the mistake of telling him that they just killed people when they did stuff wrong) Mom how did they kill them w/out a gun, oh wait I know you might say a knife but I mean if they didn't have a knife?
Okay so cops just try to shoot people? (me-no only if they or other people are in danger and if the bad guy has a gun, then they would shoot them but they try to not kill people if they don't have to). Okay so what if a guy had a sword and was coming toward the cops?" (Me-then they might have to shoot him. Samuel you talk a lot!) After that he just started talking to Neve and I zoned out (yes comforting given the fact I was still driving at a high rate of speed)

Samuel: "Mom I did a really important job today. I went to the bathroom and used all the toilet paper so I got a new roll and put it on the little thing. That is great huh?"

Oh if only the men across America could learn this small little kindness toward women everywhere who share their toilet area. I don't care about the seat up or down, just don't pee on it and replenish the paper if you end up needing to use it. You see, females always have to use the paper so unless you want to step in dribbles from us from the floor just take one second and replace the roll. Is this only at my house? Now at least I got this one little guy on my manners team. He's pretty much on my team no matter what....who am i kidding.

I had a talk w/Dave about the toothpaste a while back after making him have his own tube for a year. Seriously that crusty wad at the end makes me want to throw up and then whats the point of brushing after the bile has eaten everything off your teeth anyway. He has been very conscious of it ever since. I would half the time clean off the end of his tube anyway so I didn't have to look at it. Now I just need to work on the kids not leaving spittage all over in the sink from brushing. BABY STEPS!

I'm pretty sure someone I know who may read this blog is pregnant and not telling. Just give it up already. I will never ask but I already know. Keep in mind you aren't exactly a body type who can hide it very well. I hope this smokes you out! (;
and it ain't Natalie


Natalie said...

I can't really hide when I get pregnant. My butt gets really big. And my boobs. And my mouth - I blog about it before I should.

It sounds like you have a thing with toothpaste. My husband is a perfect toothpaste sharer. It's the kids who suck at toothpaste. They don't even put the lid on. And they don't even rinse their brushes. But I say, "what the hell. At least they're brushing their teeth". . .when I remind them.

But there's something magical about middle school. They begin to shower, brush, deodorize, and shave WITHOUT BEING TOLD! It's a miracle I tell you. A miracle. Patience, my friend.

Mitzi said...

Me. :)

But I haven't blogged or FBed about it yet... and since I only know like 2 other people you know, it's still a secret. :)

Mitzi said...

Of course, I'm not the one you're talking about, because I haven't actually seen you in person in over 5 years.

Lisa said...

How far away was the car shop? If it was a mile I think yup your getting old. 6 miles? I think you could be tired. If you think it is me, nope that is just the belly that I am afraid is never going to go away. I wish I had the body type to not be able to hide a baby in there.

DJ and Gin Family said...

Sure as hell aint me!!!

Hendricksonblog said...

1 mile LOL
I think it is 5 and I still think that shouldn't make me that tired. I ran it again yesterday just to tell my body who's boss. Yep, slept bad again last night.
Old it is!

Angie said...

Just because I look it doesn't mean I am!

I thought you were obsessed with teeth, the whole yanking them out...mabye I was thinking of someone else!

Hernandez Family said...

Its me, I'm pregnant.

I never could understand why people try to keep it a secret for so long.

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