Monday, February 28, 2011

Saw the whole thing, dude. First you were all like "whoa", and we were like "whoa", and you were like "whoa..."

Sam is my kid who never needs real toys to entertain himself. There is always a bad group of guys and a good group. I'm not sure how he tells them apart w/these. He makes up his own games as well as his own rules and he can also change the rules to suit his best interest.

Neve is my girl who never needs real toys to entertain herself either
and I don't need any hobbies since scraping this off (not whip cream like it looks) took several hours and is not completely removed a week later. You see, white out doesn't come off easily.
Never thought about the fact that white out looks like nail polish. Consider yourselves warned!
Neve loves Bras
and boobies, she always tells me she likes mine.
Not sure how I feel about that but I don't want to crush her spirit
She may own Victorias Secret some day
and I promise she will be the boss!

I'm picking paint again
as I do every few years
I get sick of it easily I guess
plus it is something that is so easy to change
One of these colors will go in my newly repaired from the Christmas eve disaster exercise room and the other possibly in Ellas room.
I bet it is easy to guess which one I won't be working out to.

Sam loved this book so much he fell asleep and let it crush his head
kind of like this post would if you were pathetic enought to be lying in bed reading it.
Summary of this week: PURDY BORING!
Minus the giant bag of Cadbury mini eggs I ate! (that was exciting)


Natalie said...

Come and paint my house! It will take me years to decide what colors I want. Years, I tell you!

Well, would you have prefered a nail polish disaster to a white out disaster? A couple weeks ago, Kate spilled an entire bottle of nail polish remover on my kitchen table. It ate the finish all up. Pretty bugged, I was/am.

The Royals said...

I would pick the pink to workout to, but that's just me. I hate Easter candy, which means that I LOVE it and it torments me so everytime I go into a grocery store!

Sarah Lee Cakes said...

yeah, phoebe did bright red polish all over my bathroom about a year and a half ago... hmmm. about the same age as Neve.

I say go with the brightest blue. You don't have a window in that room so brighten it up! As for the pink, I would have to see what the bedding, other decor looked like.

I really WISH I were painting again. As in, painting a NEW house! It's starting to get old. The selling part, not the actual house...well I guess it gets older too... i will stop.

Angie said...

So you don't want to exercise to red? Red would scare me to run like crazy!!!

My Zoe found the black nail polish from Halloween and spilled it over the carpet in my bedroom. She was afraid to tell me and tried to clean it up herself. My floor is still black and yes I did get mad.

Your week sounded more entertaining than mine :)

Lisa said...

yeah feel your pain. nail polish spilled on the carpet here a few days ago. i would do any color but pink. not a huge fan of pink..the color that is...

DJ and Gin Family said...

Boobs, white out, and candy. That sounds like an interesting week to me.
P.S. I want to change my hair. Thanks for giving me some inspiration with that hot picture of Nellie. I'll have to show it to my stylist.

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