Saturday, March 5, 2011

Everything was easy when I had a diaper:

Sam Says: Mom what if we had two babies and Neves name was bump and the other baby's name was goose? (he smiles like, do you get my cleverness mom).
Mom My tongue was made for lickin' chocolate!

Its that time again just w/a new specimen
I hate potty training but I love their little tiny bums in underwear. They are so cute and then their tiny bums in pants w/no diaper. Neve is a willing participant even though I'm not sure I was ready to do this. I'm pretty sure she is. I do not have the patience to do it in one day today like I did w/the others. I'm thinking of doing a more slow and steady approach so I can prolong the suffering. I really really really just hate sitting around in the kitchen all day to accomplish the toilet training in one day. So stupid I realize but I need a tranquilizer or something to help me sit still and since I have none I will just stick w/this way.
Neve calls the panties her "wundies".


Jenn said...

I love your little Sam, he really knows how to make'em laugh(people I mean).

Can I send mine your way too? I'm not ready with the patience thing myself. Nonetheless I don't think Morgan is ready so I'm good for a few more months.

Lisa said...

I have the patience right now for potty training, but the boys not so much. Good luck. I wish it was me. Tanner might be getting closer, Luke?? who ever knows about Luke.

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