Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We’re sitting there like idiots drinking coffee without a piece of cake!”

I spent the day w/my good old friend
and Jerry's Wife
Making some enemies
and some of my loves
into sneaky little purees to add to food so not only will my kids eat more vegetables, but I will too. Plus lets be honest I really really needed something to occupy my starving mind so why not put food under my nose for 6 straight hours? Not my finest idea!
What I wouldn't do for just a salted cracker.
tomorrow I will eat a whole package of saltines out of spite
Okay actually I really like Saltines


Brian said...

Fruits can be blended, vegetables I don't think so. But you are one to prove you can conquer V8 with a little determination and will power. Good luck. Just think of all the weight you will loose with your body cleanse. Just remind yourself that these Drs chose to do this for a living. I just ask myself WHY??? Good luck. Let me know when I can bring you dinner!!!!

Brian said...

sorry this is lisa not brian. i don't know about that.

Angie said...

My most favorite is the cauliflower. I can't believe how creamy it makes my soups and pastas but I have never been that ambitious!

GOod luck again....

Susan Catmull said...

I bought that book too and have done a few of the recipes. Most of the veggies fit in ok and you don't taste them. I HATE veggies and I have to trick myself too even though I'm the one making it. My kids love trying new recipes and they didn't even care that I put in veggies.

Sarah Lee Cakes said...

man, look at you. I have only done 2 recipes (which were good) and have had the book since September.

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