Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ask the local Gentry

Can this really be called living ?
(okay the Coke maybe)
Anyone guess what procedure April gets to have done?
Back in the day, like maybe even only a few years ago I don't believe if i had a blog I would ever post about something so, so, well, embarrassing. I was talking to my friend the other day about how as you get older you lose your inhibitions more and more. I think this is one of those "proof of that" moments.
What can a person do? I have been having pain in where I thought might be my ovaries (cover eyes here) but when being examined by a Dr. he questioned how many kids I had. He knows I have four but he was mocking me for thinking my ovaries were anywhere near that high and in the middle of my abdomen. Hey the pain was toward the back, what do I know plus my babies weren't born from an ovary. DUH!
The culprit seems to be the small intestine and since I have for years (ever since I have memory really) had stomach issues (we can leave it at that) the good old Doc wants to send cameras all directions in my body and maybe have them meet in the middle(yeah I made that part up) to see whats up, or down.
I will be sedated so what I don't know wont kill me, although I appreciate all my friends horror stories just to scare me. The thing that is the most entertaining to me about it is that I just keep feeling sad that for one whole day I can't eat any food. Now that is torture. Broth? thats not food. The coke is my only saving grace I think. I was so happy that it is considered a "clear" liquid. Yes, how pathetic am I?
Anyway Dave and I recently watched an episode of "men of a certain age" that was about these men getting this done but for them it was cancer screening because of their "certain age". There were a lot of jokes in it referring to this procedure that I found hilarious at the time. Maybe not so much anymore.
The nurse who calls to ask for all the info yesterday asked me if I was having this done due to an injury. Huh? Maybe its just a 'standard' question. I hope anyway.

So that is what my tomorrow is like

While Neve is living it up "Al Bundy" style

she is literally shouting out orders to me from the couch in her undies


The Royals said...

We've been trying to get Brent a COLONOSCOPY for a few years. They won't do it until he's 40. Hey, that's this year!

Jenn said...

Thats terrible you have to do that. Hopefully they solve the pain issue and you feel better.
p.s. I thought all the talk about a total body cleanse was good for you? j/k I really feel bad you cannot eat.

Angie said...

Watch this!


*Disclaimor* it does swear a little but it's dang funny!

Good luck!

Natalie said...

OOooo. That does not sound pleasant. Good luck!

And I used to think that those "older" ladies were too open. Now, we're those old ladies.

Hendricksonblog said...

Angie that freaks me out, seriously! I do love Robin Williams though.

Hernandez Family said...

This procedure freaks me out. I'm probably not that far behind you cause like you I have always had stomach problems. I had the scope the other direction and that wasn't bad.

You mean babies are not born from your overies?!

Angie said...

Didn't mean to freak you out, just make you laugh. Just think of the fun you are going to have with the walking farts!

DJ and Gin Family said...

Lucky you! I figure once you've had OBGYN checks, you can handle anything. Ask me if I agree with that when I've had to have some spelunking done in my body...
I can survive no food if Coke is allowed. Glad to see you haven't switched to the diet crap!!

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