Thursday, March 24, 2011

Take a look at these crows feet, sitting on the prettiest eyes

is how I feel about blog world even though it has only been a week since I posted.
The thing that I realized is how much I read others blogs and I am usually pretty timely about it.
I had a "crappy" week (ha ha)
My colonoscopy went w/out a hitch I suppose (I was asleep)
Now I have to starve again tomorrow so I can get the sm. intestine checked out
whaa whaa poor me!
I often wonder if I hope they find something or hope they don't

I helped my Mom take down wallpaper in her kitchen yesterday w/Nellie.
A couple of thoughts
1. I get that seven year itch w/redoing things from my Mom (sometimes mine is 3 yrs)
2. We are all falling apart in one way or another
a.) My moms shoulder crunches when she tries to work up too high
b.) My shoulder aches for 2 days if I try to work up too high doing repetitive motions
c.) Nellie should be younger than me becuz her shoulder doesn't hurt at all--but her shins do.
3. How in the world did our parents do everything "manually"? (this is more of a random thought but stems because my parents don't have a dishwasher and I see a clothes line out in the side yard while I peel)
4. Wallpaper is sticky
5. Time flies whether your having fun or not.
6. And sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not

On a better note I stayed up really late w/some gals and a Sam and Boyd (and sons) and really enjoyed the company. Staying up that late is only worth it in certain company. I really Love that whole family. They make me smile, and laugh, and if I were the peeing type, I would probably pee. Thanks for coming to visit Natalie. There are 5 sisters and I kept asking a couple to tell me who their least favorite sister is. They wouldn't tell me but then again they were all there so that might have been smart. I can't pick my least favorite out of them either.

I joined a weight loss competition blog.
As long as they find something that weighs 5lbs or more and can remove it in my sm intestine I am game to them "finding" something. That is not a fun place to play hide and seek. Your right, who chooses that profession? Who chooses to be a school teacher too? blech, all those kids, double blech. So back to myself and losing weight.
Really my only determination to win is the $25 gift card to Target they give out each quarter even though that makes no sense since the final prize is a cash prize worth way more. You say Target and I get hooked. Speaking of my SIL just informed me that one is going in near me, very near me and that has made my month. Dave may not like it so much since I do returns there all the time and then go back in the store and spend double w/out fail every time. I hope all the Walmart people stay at Walmart and don't come parading in. Keep your prices a tad big higher please Target, never thought I'd ask for that.

Neve: Poops on the rug and when I come look at it she says "I'n kidding"

I wish there was no robbers so we didn't have to solve this mystery (concerned about cops looking for a guy on a skateboard in the neighborhood)
Okay this is like a get together, a popsicle get together (while he, Logan and Neve try to sit on the same chair to eat a fruit bar)
Neve's new thing that she says is "your the best, mom" anytime I do anything she asks. She heard Sam say it once and figured it was necessary to say.
Neve do you need to go potty. Neve -"no, I good"
Sam at church is being really noisy during sacrament and I tell him to shhhhsh and he says "Where do you think we are? Houston?"


The Royals said...

Where are they building it????

Angie said...

Pooping is always a funny joke, just not when you can smell it!

I hate getting older. The gray hair and flatulency doesn't bug me nearly as much as the memory loss. My biggest grip is that I can never remember where I parked the car.

Just what does Sam think Houston is?

PS. We named the car Jimmer even though she is a girl!

Angie said...

You are right about the Hansens being pretty awesome but so are the Bray girls :)

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