Sunday, March 27, 2011

Belted by gamma rays

I went to SEP's the other day. To Logans to be exact. I was so proud! For those who know him, they know that he was a very hard child and no one but my Mom ever had the guts to let me know how hard he was. She always said that her 8 kids combined didn't have that much anger in them. He literally used to turn into the "hulk" when he was mad. To top that off he was also sick, all of the time!!! I don't have many pics of him where one of his eyes doesn't have that "off" look of a child w/a fever. He had RSV and then the accompanying asthma so that added to the fun. The kid had every weird illness and he was one of the children that still got the chicken pox even w/the vaccination. Anyway back to the SEP. His teacher, who by the way is awesome, said "you know I don't know all of the history of Logan but I do remember you warning me about his temper and some problems he had last year but besides just a couple of little mad moments at the first of the year, I just haven't seen it. He is such a good kid, he helps me w/whatever I need and he even helps all the other kids in the class w/the things they don't understand. He is just a really good kid!" Mr. Stock also showed me all of Logans scores and grades, which are awesome! His grades are always awesome but that was so minuscule compared to the other part, it really brought tears to my eyes. He has finally tamed that beast for the most part! He will still be Logan and be strong willed and determined and persistent and as much as sometimes those traits make a Mom nuts, I don't want him to lose them because I know channeled properly they make leaders and not followers. I really believe that he hated being "little". He was always drawn to older boys and still is. I think part of it might be that he doesn't feel little anymore and he can do a lot of what he wants to.
I know I am hard on him & I try to lay off a little but I just never thought that he would be such a good kid w/such control of his temper at 10 yrs old. I'm not blind to the faults my children have but I can be proud of their strengths especially if they worked hard for them. I know having him in sports and having coaches and good teachers at school and church has made all the difference for him. I wish I could do something about getting some of these great teachers a raise rather than the pay cuts they seem to always get!
I really have appreciated all the people who haven't passed judgment on Logan for his temperament.
There have been many many people who have & I have wanted to punch a lot of them in the face but now I just feel a little more like sticking my tongue out at them.
Thhhbbbbbbbbtttt (insert spit flying everywhere here and maybe the bird).

Logan says "I'm the king of chocolate cake"
so Sam replies "I'm a little fudgy guy"

I pull into the driveway to Logan doing some sort dance, strutting back and forth across the driveway w/the somewhat choreographed looking dance going on. I get out and say "what was that?" He said "an Irish jig" so of course I said "who taught you that"
and he smugly replied "its a natural born talent"


Susan Catmull said...

Go Logan!

Sarah Lee Cakes said...

I will admit I thought he was pretty rotten for a few years, (though he was SO adorable when he was that fat little baby), but after last year at Pineview I realized what a good kid he is. He's smart, funny and surprisingly easy going. I don't spend much time with any of the boys (well except Keenan, but that's because he's a lover not a fighter and prefers the ladyfolk), so I don't really know them very well. It was good to feel like I got to know him better and I do really, really like him and Laddy Mcjorgensen.

Natalie said...

Oh, the troubles of those rotton kids. I'm grateful for the honesty of my sister-in-law when she suggested I have Sarah tested for ADD. The rest of my family just called her "Evil Spice."
And then they grow up. Sarah is freaking AWESOME now!

It's nice when pay-back comes around for all the frustrations we sometimes have with our kids.

Hendricksonblog said...

Sarah, is that what he said his name was?
I will have to let him read your comments. He is getting quite the sense of humor. Must be from Dad!

TammaRamma said...

As his scout leader last year, I just have to make a comment! I was a little intimidated at first about having him in our scout group. But I quickly realized that not only was he one of the "cool" kids, but he was funny and respectful. I really enjoyed having Logan in the pack! And now I miss him! You're a better parent than you give yourself credit for.

Hendricksonblog said...

Thanks Tammy! All his life people tend to just focus on his faults and that has been very hard on me as his mom but it means a lot to me when people talk about his strengths. He loved scouts last year because of you guys.

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