Monday, March 28, 2011

Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down

Sam: Mom I have a great idea, I will stay here w/Neve and you go to McDonalds and buy us happy meals for lunch.
Me: Sam, do you think that is a good idea to leave you here alone
Sam: Well its not great because a robber might come but its fine mom because I pretty much know Karate.

He is such a creative little creature (and manipulative). Some times his creations make it hard for me to use the computer though. I think I have come upon some sort of battle.


Chad said...

Do you know what I do not like about your blog: That many times when I read it I get crappy songs stuck in my head. Everything else is great.

Hendricksonblog said...

Chad, you're the best around!

Angie said...

I thought this was Natalie's blog for a minute! You should give same a jar of beans to play with too!

Best Song lyrics ever