Friday, April 1, 2011

Hoppin down the bunny trail

When the house starts getting stacks like this it means its almost here
Piles and piles of eggs are in our future
and lots of baggies
Ready Lisa?
Logans clothes are getting larger
therefore space in his drawers (the dresser kind) is becoming scarce
Old dresser
IKEA to the rescue again
much improved in more ways than just the space
New dresser
Now if I can just get him to shut the drawers after removing an item of clothing

I also got Dave (me) a new office chair for me for his Birthday
He got me a Mac for mine a few yrs ago and I never can use it
since he took it over the day it came (pay back is a some sort of dog)
Samuel tried so hard to not tell but
he accidentally yelled at me to tell him where the chair was.
He was so sad and started crying because he had ruined the surprise
(even though I chose the chair so it wouldn't be a surprise to me anyway)
So today he said "uh mom, you know I didn't totally ruin the surprise because Dad doesn't know what color the chair is or how comfortable it is". Some Kid!


Aimee said...

I was starting to worry about the flyers 'cause you never called with any misspelled words I needed to fix. I will assume I did okay this year since you have copies made.

Love that Sam of yours.

Good luck getting logan to close the drawers. I am still working on that with Jer. ;)

Julia said...

I LOVE the brick wall! The BYU stuff kinda hurts my eyes, though. Your house is so pretty. Makes me miss the days I had a house :)

Don't let Sam ever change, and don't ever stop blogging. Love it here...

Lisa said...

Brian and I buy ourselves presents and then say it is from each other. This year Brian told me I got him an electric shaver. It works really well for us that way!! Yeah I start thinking about 2 days after the fliers are handed out and I haven't gotten any eggs that no one is gonna do it this year and I panic. I have to remind my self that people are not like me and having already been thinking about Easter for a month now. I cant wait. I would like to walk some of those around to houses by the way. No sense in you getting all the extra walking in. Share the love!!
Love the dresser. That is the kind we want for our boys.

Angie said...

I hear you with the bigger clothes, too bad for us it's mine!

Hendricksonblog said...

too bad Angie I have seen you in person very recently to know you are full of crap

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