Saturday, March 12, 2011

Broken back to the ceiling

Here are a couple of After shots
Obviously I have to wait for the paint to fully dry to redecorate
I will finally get this carpet cleaned on Monday and then relaid w/new pad hopefully right after so I can put this room back together. Half the time I get half the workout just hauling these around the room to different spots. I think I might actually decorate this room when it is done. Now I have to think of how
I couldn't be any happier w/the colors in Ellas room
Now I have to find a few non-purple/green things to match to finish it.
I suppose now Dave and Logan can return home since I completed several projects around here and we had cereal for dinner several nights in a row. It feels like time.
1. Paint Exercise Room
2. Paint/clean Ellas room
3. Hang a clock
4. Potty train Neve
5. Get all Diapering items out of Neves room
6. Buy and re-pot 4 new plants
7. Start watching "House"
8. Turn 35
9. Eat one more bag of Cadbury mini eggs

Sam's preschool wish if he found a pot o gold
He likes numbers and I actually did learn via him that google is a number
He thinks they are called Milky Waves
hmm- I just noticed we r supposed to be in Hawaii when U2 comes to SL and I have 2 tickets. Bummer!


Mitzi said...

I'm CONFIDENT you can find a buyer for those U2 tickets. That super sucks though!

Rachel said...

I will go to Hawaii for you.

Susan Catmull said...

Love those colors.

Angie said...

Love the blue!

BOo Hoo to you! It's the new U2 song!

DJ and Gin Family said...

Poor baby... Hawaii trip and U2 tickets. I call dibs on either one!!
P.S. Your painting looks marvelous. Now come paint my house, thanks!!

Lisa said...

the paint looks awesome even the pink. especially the pink actually. i might actually cave and let brin do a pink one day. there can be nice pink i guess. i like to hear you have started house. i have always been a fan.
i would take the hawaii over u2 no question. but mostly because i feel silly at concerts. i think i don't get drunk enough to let my hair down.

Hendricksonblog said...

Silly at concerts? how could you feel silly, do you not remember the retard couple near us at Depeche Mode? We could have done any # of stupid things and still not looked as bad. I'm still baffled by a cowboy at a Depeche Mode concert.

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