Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about

Dave and I went to dinner tonight before the Adults ONLY session of stake conference
(Its more fun if you type it out like that)
So we got seated and they put us at one of the stupid tall tables w/the tall chairs. I was instantly miffed. Dave said do you want me to have them move us and I said "no" being the passive aggressive that I am. It took me about 10 minutes to shake off the grump!
Those tables are so stupid!!!
Today is My Grandpa Brays birthday. Or should I say it would be his birthday? Either way I don't have a ton of memories of him except that he seemed so "big" to me, he loved strawberries, his birthday was one day before Nellies, his funeral was the first time I saw my Dad cry and he is half of where my Dad came from (maybe more like 95%). I wish I had more of a life history of him because I love comparing that crap to our personalities etc... My Mom's side has put together a book w/some of that stuff and it is fun to see which feisty relative I am more like. I think Nellie is much more like my Dad and that is why they irritate each other. Maybe grandpa would have irritated her too. Maybe one day I will know all that fun stuff. Notice edges of this cake have not been eaten


Aimee said...

I can't notice the cake at all. I am still noticing Nellies glasses and her hair style?! First of all, is that curl? Her hair is so straight now.

I love that you hate the tall tables. I do too.

The Bronson Bunch said...

All I can say is Wow. Nellie has really changed! LOL For the better of course!

Angie said...

You go to the adult Stake meetings? Good for you!

I have a handful of relatives like that too. I only knew them for a minute and long to know just how much of them are in me. One day!

Hendricksonblog said...

It was my first time!

Natalie said...

You jack-mormon's are missing out by skipping on the Adults ONLY session! That's the best stuff! Like when there was a question and answer with a general authority, and the questions turned political. Then, some guy got up and said, "President Monson just needs to get a back bone and realize that now is the time for us to take back our country!"

That's good stuff.

And so is Nellie's hair.

Chad said...

One of my favorite SNL skits was the parady of how John and Paul came up with the lyrics for Strawberry Fields. Classic. It might be on YouTube for those who have not seen it.

It's nice how as we get older we want to know more about our family legacies, yet when we are young and the info is readily available we do not care. So sad.

Chad said...

PS- I love Jack Mormons.

Lisa said...

I haven't been on here for a while. I like you. I like Sam. I like Nellie and her defenselessness on yon your blog. I don't like that I missed out on V-Day sugar cookies, though my scale is!! Yeah that is what I got out of one of your posts. Sugar Cookies. Without frosting. That makes me almost like V-Day. Your song post made me laugh because I am trying to break my boys from the song Low. Good for running bad for kids singing along.
Okay I think this post of mine is long enough.

Best Song lyrics ever