Sunday, February 13, 2011

And people tend to pass you over 'cause you're not standing out

Sam: "What smells like sugar plums in here?"

So here's the problem
I really want to make some sugar cookies for Valentines but I know If I make them I will not stop eating them until they are gone. What to do? What to do?
Yeah right as if I am even really waffling about this decision as the butter sticks sit on the counter in the sun to soften up as I type.

Logan's indoor soccer ended so instantly he started Futsol. We went to the first game yesterday and had a new experience. When we walked in the doors I looked around in this place chuck full of people and we were the only "white" people there. They were all of course hispanic because it is soccer as I mentioned. I didn't care at all but I did notice and so did a lot of them. There were no rude looks or anything like we didn't belong but they did do some double takes. Anyway it stayed that way for a while until a few other players from his team showed up w/their caucasian brood. I realized for the first time how other minorities might feel except for there wasn't any negative feelings toward us like often times other minorities have to deal with. I love hispanic people and it makes me feel embarrassed to live in a place where so many people are rude to or about them. There is nothing about it that is okay or right or justified.
Anyway just something I hadn't experienced before and it was interesting but not in a bad way.
Logan had his first experience in exercise related "gas" pains yesterday and had to come out of the game because he thought he might die. I did some bowel massage on his abdomen to try to get it moved so he could play but sadly it took until the ride home for the beast to unleash. That stuff not only hurts the poor athlete but it kills all the poor suckers forced to ride home w/them. I am not normally much of a fart talker but this was funny to think he had to be removed from a game for "gas".
Dave thinks I am rude to blog about that but I vaguely recall a friend(I think Julia) mentioning something about gas being what unites us all as humans. She is right and we all know it!
I even just let him read it to make sure it wasn't too horrible. He is leery but still allowing it.
We love him stinky or not but prefer him "not"!


Aimee said...

I think that is the same indoor soccer facility we spend our nights at. But imagine the looks we get when our red head runs onto the field. I love it cause he can keep up with them. His best friends at school are the hispanic soccer players and the one "white " friend he has is Bosnian. Living in wvc allows our kids to grow up being the minority. ;)

On to your next subject... josh has never come out of a game due to gas. Or, if he has, he was completely private about itand blamed it on something else. Ha ha... I think I will just ask him if he has gas next time. That's hillarious!

Angie said...

Awe farts. I. Love. Fart. Stories. That would be an awesome blog, just fart stories.

I am with you on the whole minorties and I get really worked up with the whole illegal immigrants and stuff. I have known to many good families that have been kicked out of this country.....I'll shut up now...farts are funny!

Natalie said...

Poop unites us too. Even super models get occasional diahrrea. Well, probably constant for them, considering their love of laxatives.

Hernandez Family said...

"Whites" are becoming the new minority!

Gas can be very painful! I once mistook labor for gas pain.

Chad said...

Nevermind the blog site, I think Fart Stories should be the name of a band.

Best Song lyrics ever