Saturday, January 8, 2011

Uh... it could let in a draft?

I got up not early and played basketball today for the first time in 4 years. I was glad to find out it is somewhat like riding a bike. I'm not really a great bike rider either but still a nice exercise (for those that consider it "real" exercise). Tomorrow w/be the start of an interesting adventure for myself but I will have to get to that tomorrow.

randomly moving on.................

One of Neves favorite words is "buttface" and I am not sure where she even heard it (must be the neighbor kids (; ) She calls Ellas dolls buttface all the time and then looks at us to wait for a reaction. I have moved from correcting her to ignoring her and so far to no avail. Today Neve said "no mom, you a yoon-a-kick" which of course comes from me calling her a lunatic. It is so fun when they use hard words back at you. I realize it won't be long before she says everything right and it won't be so cute anymore. SAD!

The tiny chick fell asleep early because she missed her nap and is brewing an illness of some sort.
My two oldest just retired for the night. Both of them in tears.
Dave and Logan watched The Colts lose and Ella and I watched The Last Song.
They are both completely heartbroken (and this is minus any sarcasm)
Poor Logan is such a die hard fan and poor Ella was cursed w/my emotional instability.
Sam is as happy as a pig in stink, laying in bed drinking his last chocolate milk of the day. He loves it when he saves that 3rd one for bedtime but he usually cannot hold out. He just called me to come to his room and said "Mom could you shut my closet because it kind of freaks me out, my swords and stuff kinda look like a person"


Chad said...

I would have cried if I had to watch the last song too.

Angie said...

We cried at the end of the Colts game too, it's that stupid guy who rushed the kickers fault. I like Logan, he has good taste!

Best Song lyrics ever