Thursday, January 6, 2011

But we'll sing just one more song

So I deactivated my Facebook account and I really haven't missed it for a second so far.
I have had these thoughts of sending this or that person a message and then realize I can't because I previously conversed w/them via Facebook but really that is the only thing I have noticed.
I think it is the ultimate time waster. When I first opened it I will admit I got sucked in for a while and wasted hours and hours there but in the last while I rarely ever even logged in.

I also hate that you have no idea who your audience is at any given time. We all alter our conversation depending on the listeners whether it be a best friend an acquaintance or a child vs. adult. Facebook makes you lose the ability to do that and I don't like it.

The games they put there are a no brainer time waster and they really aren't that great compared to other gaming options.

I think people put too much of their personal business out there for all to see. I don't think facebook is a forum to post marital or relationship problems and I see it happening way too often. I also absolutely think it is ridiculous that people post pictures of themselves not dressed. Marathon clothes, sure but bikinis and underwear, come on people especially if you are married. So inappropriate and I am not a person who is a freak about that kind of stuff. I just wonder what the purpose of posting those kinds of pics is......hmmmm...?

Your tone as in any written thing cannot be deciphered, especially by those who do not know you very well and therefore can often cause problems. Sarcasm is rarely understood and that is just no fun at all.

People feel as if they have access to you anywhere and anytime of day. I do not want people to have access when I don't want them to. Same reason my cell phone has an ignore button. I want to be able to say, "hey I never got that message" and if it is sent via facebook that lie can no longer be valid as a lie. Sometimes I agree w/lying instead of flat out telling someone you hate their guts or don't have the time or energy to deal w/their crap but that is one of the only times it is okay in the book of "April".

I think it is a grand forum for gossip, bragging, and jelousy. "Hey did you see so and so's boobs, I don't remember them being that size". "Did you see so and so w/so and so and what they were wearing...tsk tsk" "Did you see her comment on this or that, I cannot believe she would say that" "Oh yeah did you see that pic of the jones's new boat but I heard they couldn't even pay their house payment" "the Jacksons invited the Smiths to do this or that, I thought we were their best friends" on so on and so forth.

The recent thing that has been bothering me on facebook is the ability to see everybodys business all the time. Especially the teenagers I know. It upsets me to see the things they are doing w/their lives and bragging about it. It was really starting to cause me much anxiety about my kids and the future.

I feel Facebook is just a potential problem causer especially for opinionated people like myself.
I cannot count how many times my blood got to boiling point over something or another posted on Facebook.

So I signed off w/something like "whether you are going for a run or just plain have the runs I guess I just won't get to know about it anymore."

Besides lets get serious, if I am going to waste time it sure as heck will be w/awesome shows on that loverly tube. Now that is some seriously beneficial time wasting!

So if you need or want me I have 2 phone numbers, an email address, or you can just come on over but you will not find me on Facebook.


dusty kay said...

Gosh, I sure hope its not my boobs that are the talk of facebook :) I definitely agree with EVERYTHING you are saying. I keep thinking its time for mine to go. It just keeps getting worse and worse. But its a sneak peak into Lexi's 'other' life that she is starting to keep a little more private. Maybe it would be good if I didn't know ALL the details of what some teenagers are doing.
Enjoy all of your free time now!! Amazing how many hours are wasted on facebook!

Natalie said...

Geez April, who are your friends? They sound mean and annoying. Maybe facebook is a whole other level of "scary" in Utah? That's why Ginger has never signed up. Lots of ward-lady-drama. I don't get that much on my facebook. Maybe I have more refined friends?

Whatever it is, I'm sure you're making a good decision. I hardly ever did facebook till I got it on my darned phone. That phone will be the death of me.

And, you'd better not break up with blogging!!

Angie said...

Shoot, I just saw you today, screw facebook!

The Royals said...

I always think that everyone is saying things sarcastically. It saves me time and energy thinking that they actually mean what they are saying! I must be on FB, because my son is. It's the only reason I got an account. And next time I have the runs I will give you a jingle!

Lisa said...

Welcome to my club. It is a happy place to be!

Hendricksonblog said...

Don't get me wrong anyone, I waste a lot of time

Noslo Family said...

I had to delete most of the teenagers - too much drama. Some of my High school friends gave out TMI so I deleted them too. But I love knowing about my cousins in other states though FB.

Cherrie said...

It was nice to see you April.
And I should tell you, you look Marvelous. Way cute.

Aimee said...

Amen to this entire blog post. Amen amen amen. And thank you.

Danielle said...

so i think i met you once, a long time ago... through jamie pearce? and i think we have a lot of mutual friends. anyway, i stumbled upon your blog tonight and have been chuckling ever since.

i agree with you 110% on everything you said. i hate that half of my conversations with people start out 'did you see my comment to you on facebook?' UGH. i think my mother, who got on there to see pictures of her grandkids, because i don't update my blog nearly often enough, would SHIRLEY DIE if i stopped posting there. (no seriously. i think she would.) *sigh*

cute blog. you're a funny girl!! and good luck with your new calling.

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