Sunday, January 2, 2011

Turn and face the strain

I'm thinkin' Neve just created a New Years Resolution for me
Quietly grunting in a safe corner she has found
Potty training here she comes.....not now......but soon!
Like in the next 9 months soon---I don't like to tackle all the changes at once
obviously Daddy needs to resolve to put his clothes in the hamper
Is it cold out in space bowie?-----couldn't help myself. Now its stuck in my head again. Thanks a lot Conchords! Really though, thanks. I love every freaking hilarious moment you provide.


Angie said...

Me too!

Julia said...

Yep...Noah would find a corner, Macey would hide behind curtains, and Mia would find any room without people in it. Oh, the memories!

p.s. LOVE that chair!!! Neve totally poops in style.

The Wingwah's said...

good luck. potty training is the worst part of parenting... thus far. I finally looked at all your posts from the last 2 weeks. Funny, fun, and lovely. I am now caught up on your family goings-on and will someday add 500 pictures and some words to my own blog.

Natalie said...

Abby has helped me to make a similar resolution. However, after my first 2 kids, I promised myself I would never potty train again. They're ready when they're ready. But, I've also never had a kid pull off a poopy diaper before, till Abby. Ugh, I need to figure something out.

Chad said...

I love it when the kids hide in a corner and grunt one out. Think how entertaining this could be if all of us had to do it that way. Think of it, social gathering, the urge comes, you have to get up and discreetly find a corner. Everyone knows whats going on, but you act like they cant see you as you handle it. Entertainment.

DJ and Gin Family said...

The whole "pooping in the corner" thing cracks me up! We obviously make them feel ashamed when they poop, otherwise they wouldn't care. If I ever think about adding a 4th kid to the bunch, I just think about having to potty train, or clean up poop after a kid has taken off their diaper. Yup, I'm done procreating.

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