Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To:April and Dave
Merry Christmas!
With Love: Your Water Softener
Ella's room has to house my exercise equipment until my room gets fixed. She is not sad about that since it gives her an excuse to not sleep in her own room. I told Dave that now I am going to gain 30 lbs. He quickly got fans and started trying to dry things out. I claim he is doing it because of what I threatened but really I think he just wants it fixed.
We first thought this was a seeping problem from the ground which would have been really really bad but it isn't and it's fixable so we are glad about that.
We took the kids on their first ice skating adventure. I bought a Groupon that made it like 3 bucks each. Sam was an all star. Ella was scared to death. Logan picked it up in about 5 seconds (big surprise there) I learned that my wide width feet do not belong in anything that starts w/the word "figure" as in skates. I traded them for fat footed hockey skates and was much happier.

Ahhh and finally to this little guy
Logan got this for Christmas from his cousin Dallin but hasn't had much of a turn at it since Dave is obsessed w/mastering it. He has it down pretty well and Ella informed me that he had it at church and was doing it during Sacrament Meeting (can't leave him alone anywhere). So I decided to find it every time he sets it down and mix it all up again. He is getting frustrated w/me but I know deep inside he thinks I'm funny. Really deep inside!
I can't find it today, I think he took it to work w/him.

Sam says: "Mom, me and you have done a lot of kissing today"
We gave Neve some BBQ sauce and she kept pushing it away saying "No Barbie Food" we finally figured out that because of its name she thinks it is food for Barbie
Sam says:"I need to spend some time w/that little honkey"
(Neve was honking her nose at the moment he was saying that....he really isn't racist toward white skin even though he could be)


Chad said...

Rubiks cubes are my nemesis.

Natalie said...

I miss ice skating. I love the picture of the old guy with his pants up to his arm pits.

Sorry about your water softener/flood. Yet another reason to move to Oregon. The water is soft as silk and tastes like candy.

When those rubiks cubes came out, I figured them out. I think I was 8. But I must be dumber now, because I don't remember how to solve them.

Angie said...

I feel your pain with wet carpet.

Best Song lyrics ever