Thursday, January 20, 2011

So shave your face with some mace in the dark

Speaking of Hate,
did you ever meet someone that was just deep down to the core mean?
Are they just unhappy? I think they must be, and that is just sad.....but only after you don't have to deal w/their nastiness anymore.
I was remembering last night a little family named the "Evers" that lived on the corner right across from my house growing up. They moved in claiming how horrible their neighbors had been in Sandy. We just believed them. After a few weeks we started to learn the truth. They used to call my brother (who keep in mind for those that do not know, has downsyndrome) a "Retard". Yes that is the word they used. We did some mean but not so evil things back to them w/our great neighbor kids and their mom (don't tell but she came up w/the ideas and they were pretty good too). The things we did just caused messes and work for them to clean up. They assumed we did it. They were right, we did, but they had no proof and came and trampled my moms tulips. Do you know my mom? She is not a mean guy at all and doesn't speak ill of people. She never had a nice word again for those people. Nobody messes w/my moms plants.

I have only once punched a person. It was one of the Evers sons who was my age. During Art class he told the class my brother was a "retard" so I stood up and walked back and punched him. All the boys in the class literally pointed at him and laughed and the teacher pretended she had not even seen it. I wish I would have been stronger back then, to at least draw blood but I wasn't. I wish I could punch him now, I know it would hurt more. I cannot confirm nor deny whether it would actually be muscle coming at him but there would definitely be more "weight" behind it than my Jr. High self.
Woulda coulda shoulda. I humiliated him I think because his behavior only worsened but word got out fast and he had not a single friend minus his brothers.

I have since learned to "try" to ignore such people. I am sometimes successful at that and as long as I don't find out who called animal control about our dog supposedly being neglected I will keep my three day record intact for tonight. Just kidding the soccer lady was like 10 days ago or so.
It has been 10 days since my last biting!

anyway it didn't take too long to drive them out of the neighborhood but not before they called a black kid "that name" and got beat up and caused all sorts of other issues.
I venture to guess they moved into a new neighborhood and told everyone how mean their last one was to them. And I bet those people believed them too. For a minute!

I thought those sorts of bullies only happened in movies because we had never really experienced people of that nature. There are more of them out there than I ever realized and when they don't live by me, I feel very sad for their pathetic existence. Very sad indeed!
I hope once they die a long horrible painful death, they can find peace.
I'm a nice person that way.

man I really need to take some pictures. So boring


Natalie said...

I totally remember that family! And I knew you hated them, but never knew why till now. Little weasles! I didn't hang out with you much till high school. Weird, because we were in the same ward.

I'm glad you punched him. And I'm glad the teacher ignored it. But you have to admit, the high school brother WAS cute.

Hendricksonblog said...

Yep but he, like me, only had his looks going for him

Hernandez Family said...

When I was growing up a mean girl lived across the street from me. The first day I met her my friend and I invited her to play with us but she threw dirt in our eyes. The whole neighborhood hated her and ganged up on her. They never moved out until we were much older. She grew up and ended up in juvi. I'm a strong believer in Karma.

Angie said...

I think grownup bullies are way worse than any tweeny bully.

DJ and Gin Family said...

There's an episode of The Middle, that deals with a bullying family. Brooke Shields is the trashy mom. It's pretty funny. Let me guess, was it Josh W. they called the mean name? He was so hot...

Hendricksonblog said...

I saw that episode. so funny. I like the one where they talked about sue doing a report on unicorns.
Anyway yes it was josh and that Evers kid had quite the rearranged face when Josh was done w/him. Josh got in a little trouble w/the police but he knew we were all proud of him.

Susan Catmull said...

Hey, no pictures necessary with such great writing. The scenes are playing in my head. Would have loved to see the punch. LOL

Susan Catmull said...
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The Wingwah's said...

The Evers were pretty much Devil spawn. The whole lot of them, parents included. I, however, didn't know the story involving terry and the trampling of moms flowers. Thems fighting words.

I heard about the ridiculous "torment" of poor winny. People are idiots. She is a DOG people! and dogs are animals than can live outside! We had to lie when we got abe that he would be an inside dog. What a joke! yeah, a huge 75 lb, stink no less, dog in my house. pshaw!

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